UK: STA adds voice to opposition to EU solar duties


In a letter to European Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, the STA has argued that the threat of retrospective duties, which may be applied to Chinese photovoltaic modules, would be harmful to the industry. The STA says that the threat of duties is already causing uncertainty and stifling business.

The European Commission is set to arrive at a determination regarding trade duties on Chines solar manufacturers later this year. The STA has argued today that such duties would be more damaging than any possible benefit it could deliver for European solar manufacturers.

"The current uncertainty is undermining the industry at all levels," said Paul Barwell, the CEO of the STA. "The allegations of dumping simply do not stack up but in the meantime we are facing real difficulties."

The STA has added its voice to seven other European photovoltaic associations in arguing against the duties. These include associations from Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Sweden.

The U.K. boasts relatively few photovoltaic module manufacturers. There have been reports that Sharp is looking to scale back its U.K.-based solar manufacturing, however these reports have not been confirmed by the Japanese company.