Cupertino Electric builds 30 MW projects in California


The U.S.-based solar installation company Cupertino Electric recently completed two utility-scale solar generation projects totaling 30 MW in Huron, California.

Utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) commissioned Cupertino to design and build the two solar power plants, which have a capacity of 20 MW and 10 MW, respectively. Composed of 139,600 fixed-tilt solar modules, the two plants went online in May.

The two projects are part of PG&E’s 500 MW solar PV program launched in 2009. The initiative, which is targeting mid-sized projects between 1 MW to 20 MW, includes up to 250 MW of utility-owned solar generation and an additional 250 MW of independently owned generating facilities.

According to the plan, all the facilities will be developed in northern and central California and are expected to be finished by 2015. Once operational, the 500 MW program is expected to produce more than 1,000 GWh annually, equal to the energy needs of around 150,000 households.

In order to reach that goal, PG&E signed a partnership with Cupertino Electric in 2011. Presently, the installation company has installed over 385,700 solar modules for the program.