PassivSystems partner with Freetricity on Eur 55 million UK PV campaign


British energy performance company PassivSystems has been awarded a contract by Freetricity to monitor the performance of a new free solar PV campaign set to roll-out across the U.K. in the coming weeks.

This €55 million project will fit up to 1,500 homes with rooftop solar panels each month, with the ultimate aim being to install a combined PV capacity of 30 MW throughout the country. Freetricity will install and maintain the panels, with PassivSystems employed to evaluate the performance of each installation, alerting Freetricity to any faults and providing in-depth analysis of how each portfolio is performing.

The roll-out program is intended to generate a 20-year, inflation-linked energy income through the U.K.‘s FIT scheme, with householders able to benefit from the solar power produced at no additional costs. It is expected that the scheme with create more than 500 jobs in the industry.

"The way people monitor their solar PV panels is the difference between an investment fully realized and an investment exposed to unnecessary risk," said PassivSystems CEO, Colin Calder. "The monitoring service provided by PassivSystems will provide consumers with green, sustainable energy and go a long way in reducing rising energy bills. With the energy crisis looming, this partnership couldn’t have come at a better time."

Freetricity CEO Paul Williams added: "We are very pleased to be partnering with PassivSystems for our new free residential solar install program, which will be the biggest of its kind in the UK. With the constant increase in energy bills a free solar system enables householders to benefit from a reduction in their yearly energy bill."

A recent Freetricity study found that just one-fifth of the 5,500 people surveyed were aware that companies offered free solar panel systems to U.K. homeowners. The same survey found that 90% of those polled believed the government should be doing more to promote solar power.