Adler Solar establishes BEC Solar


Adler Solar, one of Europe’s leading solar service providers, has teamed up with Munich-based BEC Engineering to launch BEC Solar, offering the companies’ wide array of services to the local market.

Adler said the move would help it meet the future demands of its customers, both in Germany and abroad, by optimizing the companies’ operations. BEC Engineering is well known in the domestic PV industry as an engineering and technical support company. BEC Solar will be headquartered in Munich.

"Our goal is to strengthen and optimize our regional presence throughout Germany," said Adler Solar’s Gerhard Cunze, adding that BEC Solar combined "the high level of competence" of both Adler Solar and BEC Engineering, allowing the companies to offer "an optimal product portfolio and regional presence from a single source."

Gerald Wotruba of BEC Solar said the new company, working with Adler’s service experts, would be "even better able to meet the demands of our mutual customers and keep developing and offering the established products for solar installations and components. Our common goal is to ensure the performance of customers’ installations, and thus their sustainability above and beyond the defined lifecycle, throughout Europe and internationally."

Adler Solar and BEC Engineering have collaborated on a large number of projects over the years.

Adler also handles the complete warranty management and plant registration services for U.S. solar manufacturer First Solar.

As part of its logistics services, Adler recently opened a customs warehouse in Bremen for solar imports and PV components. The company also oversees such services as consignment and packaging as well as national and international delivery with goods tracking for its clients.