Trina Solar supplies 82 MW anti-PID modules to Chinese solar project


Approximately 320,000 TSM-PC05A solar modules from Trina Solar will be installed by Sihong Tianganghu Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd at a solar power plant located in China’s Jiangsu Province, with shipments expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Combined, the module shipment will amount to 82 MW and are notable for their anti-potential induced degradation (PID) capabilities, boasting the highest anti-PID level currently available at 85 °C/85% relative humidity, helping them to reduce the loss in power output caused by harsh environmental conditions, such as severe salt mist caused by high humidity.

Trina’s modules also come with a 25-year linear power output performance guarantee and range across the power output spectrum if 245 Wp, 250 Wp and 255 Wp.

"We are very proud to have secured this contract and to supply our advanced anti-PID modules to this unique project, which is one of the first few large-scale power plants designed to an 85 °C/85% relative humidity anti-PID standard," said Trina Solar’s president of the module business unit, Zhigou Zhu. "This once again showcases our ability to produce the very best solar products and to continue to meet our customer’s evolving needs."