Sunrun, Outback Power partner on energy storage pilot project


Residential solar company Sunrun and OutBack Power Technologies have teamed up to pilot renewable energy storage-based systems for a select group of Sunrun solar customers in the United States.

As part of the program, San Francisco-based Sunrun will combine and test OutBack Power’s technology consisting of weather-resistant batteries and inverters with home solar systems in both indoor and outdoor environments.

"It is now more affordable than ever for consumers to run their homes with clean power, and we strongly believe that the next evolution of solar as a service for our customers is home solar paired with energy storage," said Sunrun Chief Operating Officer Paul Winnowski.

Based on results of the pilot, Sunrun plans to offer consumers additional options for when and how they use the solar power from their Sunrun solar systems.

"With energy storage, homeowners who have solar on their rooftop can enjoy clean power during the day and tap stored solar energy to power their homes at night or during rainy or cloudy days when their solar system may be producing less electricity," Sunrun said.

Outback General Manager Harvey Wilkinson added that recent developments in utility and government incentive policies had encouraged the company’s partners "to look to smart, hybrid systems with energy storage capabilities as the next logical step in expanding their offerings to consumers. OutBack’s energy storage-backed systems have earned longstanding confidence from our customers, such as the residential solar company Sunrun."

Based in Arlington, Washington, OutBack Power designs and manufactures power conversion systems incorporating energy storage for off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy applications.