Dhybrid installs first hybrid energy system in Maldives


Dhybrid’s system will be synchronized with four existing diesel generators on the southern atoll. The installation has a capacity of 600 kWp. The diesel systems previously used 2,000 liters of fuel per day and this Dhybrid expects to decrease this number by up to 40% following the project’s induction.

The system began operation in mid-November. The project was awarded under a tender from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, partnering with the World Bank.

Stephanie Poetter, Dhybrid’s head of Marketing & Product Management, said, “We came into this project over the tender. Our part was the intelligent combination of the 100% diesel supply and to bring in the solar generators via our control unit. Now, the result is that the 100% fuel or diesel supply is now reduced via this hybrid system.”

Thinadhoo lies at the southern end of the chain of 1,000 islands that make up the Maldives. Its population of around 6,500 makes up around 1.5% of the entire country.

Current energy on Thinadhoo is generated by four large diesel generators with a capacity of 2.82 MW. The PV system from Dhybrid has been installed on five rooftops.