Solarcentury and Magnetar Solar to bring 111 MW of UK PV online before April


Solarcentury will construct and connect an additional 111 MWp of solar PV capacity to the U.K. grid before April 1 as part of a new deal with solar park developer Magnetar Solar.

The arrangement sees Magnetar Solar purchase Solarcentury’s 71 MW pipeline of solar PV projects, and Solarcentury will also build an additional 40 MW of PV capacity as part of the deal.

Solarcentury will act as EPC for all projects, and will also oversee all operations and maintenance (O&M) work for the duration of the projects, which are spread across eight individual sites in England ranging from 7 MW to 28 MW.

In completing each project by the end of March, Solarcentury is ensuring that all 111 MW of solar PV power will be eligible for the U.K. Renewable Obligation certificate (ROC) at a rate of 1.4. After April 1, projects larger than 5 MW in capacity will no longer be eligible for the attractive ROC scheme and will instead have to compete with onshore wind projects for subsidy support via the Contracts for Difference (CfD) program.

"With eight sites already under construction, the close working relationship we are forming with Magnetar Solar is a win-win for both companies and supports the urgent need to develop renewable energy sources to improve the U.K.’s energy independence," said Solarcentury CEO Frans van den Heuvel.

For Magnetar Solar’s director Alan Shaffran, the U.K. government’s pledge to back solar’s development has been a key part of the sector’s growth. "Solar is an extremely attractive market in the U.K.," he said, "and we are pleased to be partnering with Solarcentury to expand our solar energy portfolio and construct worthwhile solar projects such as these to help boost the U.K.’s solar industry."