Trina to develop 300 MW distributed PV project in Hefei City


The company will build the installation at the Xinzhan General Pilot Zone in the city of Hefei City.

The first phase of the project consists of a 30 MW commercial rooftop project. Trina will begin construction of the plant in the second quarter of the year. The company expects the installation to be one of the largest single-unit commercial rooftop projects in China once completed.

Trina described Hefei as a pioneer in promoting local DG solar power development, pointing out that the city has a great amount of installed capacity of DG solar power.

The Xinzhan General Pilot Zone is the primary area for PV industry development in Hefei and its administrative committee will assist Trina to gain local government support. Trina said it would also further develop DG solar power projects in Hefei.

"This partnership is a strong strategic fit and marks the first significant step in our journey to build on our DG solar power business this year," said Trina Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao. "China’s ongoing efforts to promote clean energy with supportive policies and reinforcement of the DG solar power projects development have resulted in increasing awareness and recognition in the market for DG solar power projects.”

Gao added that the project would help position Trina well in the growing DG solar sector and expressed confidence that the company could deliver on its goal of expanding its footprint in the DG market this year.