InnoSun, Delta Electronics partner on major PV project in Namibia


InnoSun Energy Holding, part of French wind developer InnoVent, last week commissioned the Omburu Solar Photovoltaic Park, one of the largest PV projects in Namibia.

Located on 16 hectares of arid land near the town of Omaruru in Namibia’s Erongo region, northwest of the city of Windhoek, the 4.5 MW PV plant is expected to generate 13,500 megawatt-hours of electricity annually.

InnoSun chose TSMC CIGS thin-film modules for the plant, which were mounted on a horizontal tracking system. The installation, which began construction last year, consists of 33,418 thin-film solar modules and 100 string inverters supplied by Delta Electronics.

The project, Namibia’s first utility-scale PV project, has secured the first ever power purchase agreement (PPA) between InnoSun and NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility.

According to Delta, InnoSun selected its Delta RPI M50A three-phase transformerless models with 50 kVA output because of their reliability and low maintenance. The company added that the RPI series inverters were an ideal choice for the rugged environment of Namibia due to their rugged design.

“The use of string inverters were preferred over central inverters because the former need less cables and components and can be installed without special housing in protected areas,” Delta said, adding that as a result, investment costs could be reduced.

Delta, which is looking to play an active role in Africa’s growing PV market, added that the project marked a successful collaboration with InnoSun, which was established in 2008 by InnoVent to develop PV projects across Africa. Delta said it planned to partner with InnoSun on more large-scale PV projects in the region.

Delta Electronics Inc. is part of Taiwan-based Delta Electronics Group, which operates subsidiaries around the world.