Germany: LG Chem to supply batteries for Steag’s 90 MW energy storage project


Marking the expansion of its international portfolio, LG Chem has announced it will supply Steag with six 15 MW Li-ion battery systems, while Nidec ASI will provide the necessary PCS and EMS solutions. "With 140 megawatt hours of power, the storage systems will deliver enough energy to supply 10,000 households per day with electricity," said LG Chem.

Germany-based Steag announced at the start of November it would invest €100 million in six large-scale energy storage systems, to be installed between mid-2016 and early 2017 at its power plant sites in Herne, Lünen and Duisburg-Walsum, in North Rhine-Westphalia; and in Bexbach, Fenne and Weiher, in the Saarland. "Using the existing plant sites provides synergies in the infrastructure and therefore keeps the investment costs low," commented Steag in a statement released at the time.

The six energy storage systems will be operated independently of Steag’s power stations, and will be used to provide primary control power. "Primary control serves to stabilize the network frequency when there are short-term fluctuations in the grid (caused, for example, by uneven feed-in of energy from renewable sources which deviates from the forecasts, by power plant outage or by fluctuations in consumption)," explained Steag.

Steag completed a 1 MW energy storage project at its power plant in Völklingen-Fenne in 2014. The LESSY (Lithium Electricity Storage SYstem) Project was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It was said to be one of the first Li-ion storage batteries in Germany to be approved for network stabilization duty.