NEXTracker makes full BoS play with product bundle


Fremont, California-based tracking specialist NEXTracker is set to diversify its product offering following the launch this week of its NX Fusion – a package that bundles together all of the necessary balance of system (BoS) components required for the development of a solar array.

Comprising NEXTracker’s advanced horizontal tracker (the NX Horizon, which is being deployed at a rate of 100 MW of new solar installations a week), string inverters, DC wiring, UPS, piers, tracker monitoring and optional PV modules, the NX Fusion has been launched to help EPCs reduce complications in system design, permitting and the logistical challenges that are par for the course when developing a solar PV array.

By bundling together complementary components that have been pre-engineered to deliver a complete AC power system, NEXTracker believes its clients can commission and complete solar projects more quickly, thus delivering lower installation costs and increased profitability.

"The pre-engineered solution of best-in-class components accelerates each step of design, permitting and construction," said Dan Shugar, NEXTracker’s CEO. "NX Fusion eliminates additional DC electrical design work and UPS backup systems, which makes project installation quicker and easier."

According to the CEO, NEXTracker decided to make this complete BoS play based upon received customer feedback, where lowering installation costs and streamlining the development process is seen as a key priority throughout much of the industry.

The monitoring and control components offered as part of the NX Fusion bundle include onsite weather stations that enable remove diagnosis and the ability to guide solar panels into safe stowing positions once a potentially damaging increase in wind speeds is detected.

In September NEXTracker was acquired by electronics manufacturing services company Flextronics for an initial $245 million deal. The move was part of a wider strategy of investment in the global tracker industry, which has enjoyed an increased market share in 2015, present in around 20% of all ground-mounted solar installations worldwide this year.

By augmenting NEXTracker’s established supply channels and logistical know-how with a complete BoS package, the company appears to be muscling into the space currently dominated by Shaosl Technology Group, which has more than 15 GW of deployed solar BoS solutions globally.