Huawei teams with CGN, CMNE on 2 GW PV project in Europe


Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said in a statement that it had recently reached an agreement with China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) Europe Energy and China Merchants New Energy Group (CMNE) aimed at jointly constructing the plant within three years.

Huawei did not provide exact details of the project or its intended location but it did make a case for its smart PV plant technology. The company said it was currently behind a 53 MW solar PV rooftop project in France that employed Huawei’s intelligent string inverters and intelligent O&M system.

Huawei said its FusionSolar smart PV solution optimizes the entire process, from power plant construction to O&M, by integrating digital information technology, Internet technology and PV technology. The process, it adds, optimize initial investments, reduces O&M costs raises the energy yield and increase operating benefits within the life cycle of the entire PV plant.

The state-owned CGN Europe Energy, meanwhile, has already expanded its operations overseas with an investment in an unidentified 200 MW wind plant project in Europe.