Sungrow supplies inverters for 50 MW, 1500 volt solar plant in China


Sungrow, a Chinese inverter specialist, has supplied its SG3000HV-MV medium volt central inverters to a 50 MW solar PV plant in China that is the country’s largest 1,500 volt solar power plant.

The trend for 1,500 volt installations is growing rapidly worldwide, and Sungrow’s central inverter – with a maximum efficiency of more than 99% – was chosen specifically for the job due to its ability to handle 3 MW of power per unit.

The SG3000HV-MV was specially engineered to ensure easier and quicker installation, thus reducing labor costs and lowering the LCOE. The inverter is housed in a 20-foot container and comes complete with integrated O&M software that delivers longer-term reliability for the site owner, Sungrow claims, based on a “solar+internet” model.

"Sungrow is always committed to technical innovation and we will offer better products and services for customers," said Sungrow president Renxian Cao.

The SG3000HV-MV turnkey central inverter was recently unveiled at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich.