18 bids for the daytime block in Chile's electricity auction


A total of 18 bids were presented this week solely for the daytime block in the largest public electricity auction to be held in Chile since the auction program was put in place.

The auction is open to all technologies and features various categories, including block 2-B, which is for supply of electricity produced during 08:00 and 17:59. 1,000 gigawatt-hours annually are reserved for this block.

In total 26 bids were presented for block 2-B, among them bids solely for the 2-B block and bids which combined this block with other blocks and categories.

Among the businesses which presented bids in this block was Amunche Solar, which is a subsidiary of Spain’s Solarpack, and Solairedirect Generation 2.

In total, 12,430 gigawatt-hours were offered in the 2015/01 Supply Auction. The contest is open to renewable and conventional energies, with blocks specifically for daytime supply, evening and overnight supply, as well as blocks for continuous supply.

Under contracts awarded at this auction, electricity supply must begin in 2021 and 2022, for a period of 20 years.

Altogether, 84 administrative and financial bids were presented for this contest. There were numerous offers for continuous supply of electricity submitted by renewable energy developers.

The opening of the reserve price will occur on August 9. On Tuesday August 16 financial bids will be opened, and the awarding of contracts is planned for August 17.

38 offers were initially presented in Chile’s previous electricity auction, which was concluded in October of last year. Of these, 31 were considered valid. This previous auction offered only 1/10 of the capacity offered in the new auction.

Additionally, in the previous auction all of the supply offered was for hourly blocks and renewable energy comprised all of the winning projects. The median price in this auction was around US$79.3 per megawatt-hour.

Translated by/Traducido por Christian Roselund. Para leer el original en Español, por favor vea el sitio del web pv magazine Latinoamérica.