Chile: Acciona inaugurates the 246 MW El Romero Solar plant


Spanish company Acciona has announced that it has brought online the largest solar PV plant in Latin America – the 246 MW El Romero Solar plant located in northern Chile.

In its press release, Acciona described how it completed the installation of the final modules over the past few weeks, installing a total of 776,000 PV modules over a construction period of 13 months. The total investment of the solar plant amounted to $343 million, and the plant has been brought online two months ahead of schedule.

Located in the community of Vallenar in the Atacama region of north Chile, the El Romero Solar plant will generate 500 GWh annually for local utility, Sistema Interconectado Central (SIC).

At 246 MW, the solar installation is far larger than the previous record-holder – the 160 MW Finis Terrae solar plant, which was completed by Italy’s Enel in the first quarter of the year. That too is located in Chile.

However, two larger solar plants are already under construction elsewhere in Latin America, and both in Brazil. Enel is working on a 292 MW solar PV plant in the Brazilan state of Piaui, and another 254 MW solar projects in Bahia.

Article translated from Spanish by Ian Clover.