Sweden plans 60% subsidy for residential batteries


The subsidy is part of Sweden’s plan to boost PV utilization and establish a smarter, more flexible grid. It will come as welcome news for residential customers, as well as the C&I sector, which received another boost earlier this week with the scrapping of a tax for solar installations larger than 255 kW.

Sweden currently has just 120 MW of solar PV capacity, however this represents a big jump in installations over the past year. A recent PV strategy released by the Swedish Energy Agency suggests that solar could account for 5-10% of the country’s energy by 2040.

“Solar PV is a rapidly expanding market in Sweden,” says Johan Lindahl, a spokesperson for the Solar Energy Association of Sweden. “It’s in a good position to grow from a small position currently. Last year, for instance, solar PV capacity grew by 60%.”

A similar storage subsidy in Germany has been highly successsful, with more than 19,000 batteries installed alongside PV systems. Earlier in the year, this subsidy was extended until 2018.