Bslbatt unveils 90-mm-thick battery for residential solar


Bslbatt, a Chinese storage system manufacturer, has released Powerline, a new wall-mounted storage system for use with residential PV systems.

“The ultra-thin size does not affect the performance of this battery, on the contrary, the battery module adopts the flexible printed circuits (FPC) process to maintain higher consistency of each cell, so the battery has a longer service life and higher efficiency,” CEO and President of Sales Eric Yi told pv magazine. “After repeated testing and inspection, this battery can have more than 6000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge, and the capacity retention rate can still stay at 80%. This exceeds most home battery brands in the industry.”

The Powerline battery measures 670 mm x 540 mm x 88 mm. With the mounting bracket on the back, it has an overall thickness of 90 mm. It weighs 50 kg.

The lithium-ion system has a storage capacity of 5 kWh and a nominal voltage of 51.2 V.  It uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material and has an ambient operating temperature range of -20 C to 65 C.

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It comes with a 15-year warranty and can purportedly operate for more than 6,000 cycles. It also features an IP22 protection level.

“Considering that the average household device consumes about 3kWh of power per day, Bslbatt's PowerLine can theoretically reach a 20-year lifespan,” said Yi. “The battery is fully internalized in a vehicle-grade module structure using tier-one, A+ lithium iron phosphate cell composition, a premium module structure that provides better stability and heat dissipation, so it has a longer cycle life and does not have the toxicity or fire hazards of other lithium technologies.”

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