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Fraunhofer ISE produces hydrogen via PEM electrolyzer with seawater

Fraunhofer ISE scientists have optimized a technical concept for a hydrogen plant at sea. They claim that their design is “technically and economically viable.”


Novel stack design for PEM electrolyzers promises lower production costs

Researchers in Germany have built bipolar plates for electrolyzer stacks without using titanium, which they claim may further reduce green hydrogen costs. They used coated stainless steel and niobium for the stack coating and found these new materials do not affect electrolyzer performance.


The Hydrogen Stream: CPV-powered PEM electrolyzers for 1.2MW demo in Portugal

Fusion Fuel Green has developed a small PEM electrolyzer that will be used in a green hydrogen project in Iberia. Elsewhere, India’s Adani Group and Canada-based PEM fuel cell producer Ballard Power Systems have signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate a joint investment in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells for mobility and industrial applications in India.


The Hydrogen Stream: Rosatom, EDF join forces, Shell builds Europe’s largest PEM electrolyzer

Moreover, the Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology has announced it is progressing with its research to reduce the cost of PEM water electrolysis and the Spanish government has established the criteria for its first pre-selection of renewable hydrogen projects.


The Hydrogen Stream: High-pressure PEMEL electrolyzers for lower hydrogen costs

Elsewhere, Lotte Chemical and Air Liquid Korea will establish a joint venture to build a hydrogen supply chain in South Korea and the US Department’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) offered a conditional commitment for a US$504.4M loan guarantee to the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project in Utah, which combines alkaline electrolysis with salt cavern storage for grid scale energy conversion and storage using hydrogen as the energy carrier.

The Hydrogen Stream: ITM Power shifts business focus to PEM electrolysis

ITM Power says it has restructured its business to shift its focus from hydrogen refueling to PEM electrolysis tech, while Stahlwerk Thüringen and gas network operator Ferngas have agreed to connect the Unterwellenborn steel mill in Germany to a hydrogen network by 2027.

The Hydrogen Stream: Sunfire delivers 10 MW of alkaline electrolyzers to RWE

RWE has revealed that it has received alkaline electrolyzers from Sunfire for a pilot project in Germany, while the European authorities have reached a deal on the continent’s renewable energy directive.


The Hydrogen Stream: TES, EWE plan 500 MW electrolyzer in Germany

A group of German companies plans to set up a 500 MW electrolyzer for a 1 GW green hydrogen project in the North Sea. US scientists, meanwhile, have engineered a light-activated nanomaterial to convert ammonia into hydrogen, and Canadian researchers have unveiled a new way to structure catalysts for fuel cells.


Add batteries for electrolyzer viability

Cheaper electricity is a key component of hydrogen production, as the cost of electrolysis is largely dictated by electricity prices. One solution to achieving cheaper electricity when hydrogen electrolysis is coupled with renewable energy generation is through batteries. But is the cost reduction sufficient? Mehrdad Aghamohamadi, a researcher for Cornwall Insight Australia, investigates.

The Hydrogen Stream: Siemens commissions 8.7 MW electrolyzer in Germany

As Siemens commissions Germany’s second largest electrolyzer at the Energy Park in Wunsiedel, Engie has taken the Final Investment Decision for a project in Western Australia, scheduled for completion in 2024. Meanwhile, two reports shed light on the future of green hydrogen: on the demand side, the MENA region could use it to become the global leader of green steel; on the supply side, BNEF welcomes the support commitments coming from Europe and the United States.


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