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Anti-soiling PV coating delivers 3% boost in energy production

A study conducted in the semi-arid weather conditions of Ben Guerir, Morocco, evaluated the performance of antistatic and hydrophobic coatings for photovoltaic solar panels. After nine months of operation, the PV panels with coatings developed by Portuguese company ChemiTek produced an average of 3% more energy than the uncoated ones.


Solar module anti-soiling coating for retrofit application

Dutch company Rads Global Business has developed an anti-soiling coating for solar PV modules that are at least two years old. The new product is claimed to increase power yield by up to 7% and to have a payback time of 2.5 to four years depending on the dust level of the site.


Titanium wires-based anti-soiling coating to improve solar module yield

Researchers in Thailand have developed an anti-reflective and anti-soiling coating for commercial solar modules that is claimed to increase power yield by over 6%. The coating has photocatalytic properties that make the organic compounds adsorbed on the solar module surface decompose, thus preparing them to be easily washed off by rainwater.

Hydrophobic anti-soiling coating for solar modules

A U.K. research group is developing an anti-soiling solution produced via a chemical process compatible with glass manufacturing. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is providing $1.6 million of funding for the project.


Anti-soiling nanocoating for large-scale PV

Dutch company Rads Global Business has developed an anti-soiling coating for solar PV modules that is claimed to reduce cleaning cost by around 60%. The anti-reflective and anti-corrosive coating is also said to mitigate potential-induced degradation (PID).


EU-funded initiative set to launch new anti-soiling coating

A project backed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program says it has developed a self-cleaning coating for modules which is also anti reflective and weather resistant. The project – SolarSharc – expects to launch the product next year.

Netherlands: Anti-soiling coating for extra PV power boost, finds DSM

The Dutch materials specialists have conducted new field tests in China that show how its new anti-soiling coating can keep solar panels cleaner for longer, resulting in additional yield on solar modules.


Nanovue offers self-cleaning solution for solar panel soiling

Nanoveu, an Australian nanotechnology company, has developed a multifunctional anti-soiling coating for solar glass that is designed to prevent surface debris and algae growth from forming on PV panels.

Soiling – a multibillion-dollar issue

A new report by the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS) estimates that lost revenue from PV module soiling amounts to more than €3 billion ($3.2 billion) per year – an amount that is only set to increase as PV systems grow larger and more efficient.


Impact of dust, heat, soiling on solar project performance

Scientists in Morocco recently conducted a year-long study on the impacts of soiling on PV modules in arid, dusty conditions. They found that soiling could contribute to daily performance losses of as much as 15%.


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