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Indian oil giant enlists PV panel manufacturers for solar projects

A subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corp. is recruiting solar panel suppliers and manufacturers for its future PV projects across India.


AI-enabled database, simulator for PV soiling losses

Fracsun says it will team up with App Orchid to develop a soiling-loss database and simulation tool.

Residential heat pump based on finned coil evaporator, PVT collectors

Scientists in Italy have developed a 5 kW direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump that uses alternatively two different evaporator technologies. The cooling of the PV module unit by CO2 evaporation increases power production by 8%.

Belgian startup offers custom CIGS solar foils

Enfoil is developing a CIGS thin film custom manufacturing business, targeting building-integrated PV applications, such as powering sensors or track & trace sub-systems in trucks. The company is a spinoff of Hasselt University and imec, the Belgian research institute.

Solid-state lithium-ion batteries based on foil-based negative electrodes

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have used aluminum foil-based negative electrodes with engineered microstructures in an all-solid-state lithium-ion cell configuration. They have reported hundreds of stable cycles with practically relevant areal capacities at high current densities.


Machine learning keeps solar one step ahead of soiling

Scientists in Cyprus evaluated six different models used to predict the power losses caused by the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other substances on the surface of PV panels in the island’s arid climate. Results from the various models were compared with soiling loss data from a “test bench” installation at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, revealing a potential advantage for machine-learning approaches backed by satellite data.

Chinese oil company switches on high-altitude 40 MW solar-plus-storage plant

China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) says it has completed a 40 MW solar-plus-storage plant at an altitude of 3,000 meters. It is connected to 6 MW/12 MWh of battery storage and hosts grazing farm animals.

Romanian oil supplier acquires 710 MW solar portfolio

Romania’s OMV Petrom has acquired a 710 MW solar project portfolio. It said that all of the PV installations are all close to the ready-to-build stage.


Impact of solar module soiling on grid-forming inverters

New research from Serbia claims air-polluted urban climatic conditions may not only induce maximum power point (MPP) tracking problems in PV systems but also reduce power yield by up to 30%. The scientists also said that soiling may significantly affect the functionality of single-stage inverters operating in grid-forming mode.

Inside the impacts of soiling

Scientists in India carried out a comprehensive study into the impacts of soiling on PV modules – measuring the amount of performance loss caused by different types of dust and bird droppings, and for modules installed at various tilt angles, in the hot-dry climate of Vellore in southern India. Their findings could allow developers to better take into account and mitigate the effects of soiling during site selection and system design.


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