Commercial & Industrial PV

Solar PV tenders top 17.4 GW with Europe out in front, GTM Research finds

As demand is becoming geographically diversified, with strong growth of emerging markets set to make up for slowing demand in East Asia, GTM Research is now tracking 17.4 GW of confirmed solar tenders between Q2 and the end of 2019 across the globe, 9.6 GW of which is expected to be awarded in Q3 2017.

Analysis: 18 GW Q2 could drive China PV installs above 35 GW, data shows

Preliminary data from independent analysis of Chinese solar market suggests incredibly strong first half of a year that could end with an additional 35-40 GW of PV capacity installed.


Argentina’s future legislation for distributed generation takes shape

The Parliament’s Committee for Energy and Fuels has reached an agreement for a unified text of the net metering scheme that is expected to finally support residential and commercial PV and other distributed generation renewable sources across the country.

Brazil: distributed generation capacity reaches 139.7 MW

Around 69.8% of total distributed generation installed solar power comes from mini-generation PV systems that have a capacity of up to 75 kW.


Clean energy spending in 2016 hits 43% share of total supply investment, finds IEA

The International Energy Agency’s World Energy Investment report sees global spending on energy fall by 12% overall in 2016, marking the second-consecutive year that investment has dropped as less money is poured into costly gas and oil infrastructure. Clean energy spending, meanwhile, is on the up.

India’s solar goal makes it global frontrunner in climate change fight, says World Bank

The global lending institution praises India’s solar program in new report, noting how clean energy sources are beginning to displace coal at a sweeping rate.

Google’s Dutch data center to be fully solar-powered

Search engine giant signs PV supply contract with Eneco, a Dutch energy provider for the supply of power from a 30 MW solar park from where the power will be purchased.

QTC Energy unit buys 15% stake in GEP

Bangkok-based QTC Global Power has paid 67.84 million baht ($1.9 million) for a stake in Thai PV developer Green Earth Power (GEP), which is building a 220 MW solar installation in Myanmar.

Wind, solar to be cheapest power source in G20 by 2030, Greenpeace study finds

In around half of the G20 countries, renewables have been equal or cheaper in price to electricity generated from coal and nuclear power plants since 2015, and are set to outcompete all other energy sources in the world’s 20 major economies by 2030, finds a new study commissioned by Greenpeace Germany.

Aldi UK pledges rooftop PV expansion

The German supermarket chain aims to install 96,000 solar panels atop its stores and distribution centers across the U.K. by the end of the year.