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Commercial & Industrial PV

PV set to be largest source of new US generating capacity in 2022

About 46% of all new generating capacity in the United States is expected to be PV this year, giving it the largest share of the new US generation mix.

Solar up in Belgium in 2021 but will have work to do as nuclear shutdown nears

Electric transmission company Elia Group noted a bigger slice of the generation mix occupied by nuclear last year, just hours after a London-based consultant said the nation was on track to switch off its reactors before 2026.


India may add 12.5GW of solar in 2022-23

Indian ratings agency ICRA expects the solar boost based on the backlog of PV projects awarded by central and state electric utilities.

Brazil introduces new rules for distributed generation, net metering

The Brazilian authorities have introduced new rules to ensure that PV systems below 5 MW in size will still be eligible for net metering tariffs until 2045. A grid fee for prosumers will go into effect from 2023, but the economic profitability of rooftop PV and small solar parks is expected to remain high.


South Korea installed 4.4 GW of PV capacity in 2021

South Korea’s cumulative installed PV capacity hit 22 GW at the end of 2021, according to provisional figures from the Korea Energy Agency.


Korea Zinc invests in gravity storage developer Energy Vault

Korea Zinc, non-ferrous metal smelting company, has agreed to invest $50 million in Energy Vault, a Switzerland-based gravity storage specialist, in order to use its tech to decarbonize its refining and smelting operations in Australia.


New Yorkers fund 4 GW of solar for less than a cup of coffee per month

The New York Governor’s Office has submitted its financial proposal for 4 GW of distributed solar capacity by the year 2030, at an expected cost of $0.00082/kW.

The weekend read: BIPV no refuge

Deployment in the building integrated PV segment is accelerating, and so too are the number of solar products available to architects and developers. And while BIPV had long been the segment in which an array of thin-film technologies could shine, they are now in increasingly stiff competition with crystalline silicon rivals.


Solar-plus-storage for aquaculture aeration

Recent research from Thailand has shown that solar-plus-storage on floating platforms could be the cheapest option to power energy-intensive aeration systems in aquaculture projects. The battery accounts for around 54% of the capital costs, which is why system sizing would be key for economic viability.


Brazil tops 13GW of installed PV capacity

The country installed around 3GW of new PV systems in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. Around 8.4GW of the current PV capacity is represented by solar installations not exceeding 5MW in size, and operating under net metering.


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