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Energy Management Systems

Solar leading Baltic states to energy security

In recent years, the Baltic countries have experienced a solar generation boom as the region seeks to kill two birds with one stone. These nations aim to break away from years-long energy dependence on Russia amid growing security concerns while also continuing to prioritize the green energy transition.

DNV’s solar asset modeling platform launches in Europe

Solar Resource Compass provides users with an online service that can deliver indicative energy production estimates for any solar project, including the comparison of multiple irradiance datasets and the calculation of site-specific losses for dust and snow. Many features are still being beta-tested in Europe, but DNV tells pv magazine it is planning to roll out the tool in most of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Oceania in 2024.

Trades against the machine

Large battery storage systems are taking on an increasing number of tasks in the German grid, meaning that the volume and speed of transactions can no longer be managed without computers. As a result, traders are working on algorithms to fully automate transactions.

Eco Stor: Online calculator determines energy transition storage requirements

The “Dunkelflaute” is a bogeyman for the energy sector, but a new tool from the German-Norwegian storage provider can now determine exactly which storage capacities and how many reserve power plants are needed in order to be on the safe side even in phases with little PV and wind power.

Enpal, Entrix reveal plans for Europe’s biggest VPP

Enpal and Entrix aim to build Europe’s largest virtual power plant (VPP) via their new Flexa joint venture. They plan to integrate PV systems and other decentralized energy producers and consumers into a multi-gigawatt network with an AI-powered electricity trading platform.


ABB launches smart panel for home energy management

ABB says it has launched a smart panel for home energy management in partnership with Lumin, featuring software to control solar, batteries, and electric-vehicle chargers.


Renew Home launches virtual power plant solution

Renew Home, a partnership between Google Nest Renew and OhmConnect, aims to expand from 3 GW of electrical energy use to 50 GW by 2030.

Key takeaways from Advanced Battery Power + V2G conference

Battery research is advancing to address issues in the lithium-ion development process and concerns about safety and aging. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) tech, meanwhile, is in the starting blocks, but interoperability is the key hurdle to achieving mass market penetration.

Israel hits 51% renewable production for first time

The Israeli government said that earlier this month, for several minutes, renewable energy accounted for most of the nation’s energy production. In particular, solar covered 45% of total generation.

Weekend Read: Hanging in the balance

Battery storage revenues in Britain are well below historic highs but an appetite for storage capacity remains. Electricity system-operator modernization, increased competition, and new opportunities could all shape the future of British battery energy storage systems (BESS’).


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