Roundup from the International Solar Alliance Summit 2018

The ISA founding ceremony, held on Sunday March 11 in New Delhi, India, was a highlight in the 2018 solar calendar. French President, Emmanuel Macron announced €700 million in support through loans and donations by 2022, while several other financial deals and MoUs were also signed. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi further outlined 10 action points to help the spread of solar energy.

Eon plans to take majority share in Innogy

Eon has announced plans to take over a 76.8% stake in the German utility, RWE’s renewable energy spin-off, Innogy. The acquisition is part of a far-reaching agreement between the two, which envisages redistributing operations so that RWE focuses on the renewable energy business, while energy networks and customer solutions would be the responsibility of Eon.

Interview: GCL-Si CEO Eric Luo talks tech innovation

Eric Luo, the recently appointed CEO at GCL-Si, met with pv magazine at the recent PV Expo in Japan to discuss the company’s Japanese and global marketing strategies, technological innovation and China’s position in the PV market in 2018.

Italy to launch series of mixed wind-solar auctions totaling 4.8 GW

New auctions for wind and solar projects exceeding 1 MW in size will be part of a new incentive scheme for renewable energy for the period 2018-2020, which is now under review by local authorities. In the first auction, planned for November, around 500 MW of wind and solar projects over 1 MW are expected to be assigned. The incentive scheme will also support solar and renewables up to 1 MW through specific tenders.


Big weekend: What will happen at the International Solar Alliance Summit?

The International Solar Alliance (ISA), now registered under the United Nations, is organizing its first summit to be held this Sunday, March 11. It is also set to host a founding ceremony of the ISA in the presence of French President, Emmanuel Macron, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi President, Abdul Hamid. Government dignitaries of member countries are joining, and 51 solar projects will be signed.


Trump imposes ‘flexible’ steel and aluminum tariffs

U.S. President Trump has exempt Canada and Mexico from 25% import duties on steel and 10% duties on aluminum, and has further left the door open to exempting any nations with which the United States has a “security relationship”.

Brazil plans RE auctions for isolated regions

The Brazilian government is planning to resort to renewable energies to meet power demand in the non-interconnected areas in the north of the country. Meanwhile, another Brazilian state, Santa Catarina, has decided to introduce the ICMS exemption for solar DG.

South Africa: Date set for PPA signing, economic benefits highlighted

The South African Government has set a date of March 13 for the signing of 27 outstanding PPAs for solar and wind. It emphasized the economic benefits of the contracts, which are set to spur new energy investment of around US$4.7 billion and over 60,000 jobs.

Libya resumes efforts to take advantage of its solar potential

Libya’s Misurata Free Zone is resorting to solar to increase its energy independence, with support being provided by U.S.-based energy consultancy, iQ Power.

Kazahkstan tenders 290 MW of solar

Overall, new auctions launched by the Kazakh government will allocate 1 GW of renewable energy generation capacity, including 620 MW of wind power plants.