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Eurazeo acquires 80% stake in Ikaros Solar

Through this operation, the French investment firm wants to help Ikaros Solar further develop its 300MW solar project pipeline.

Belgium has four years to replace nuclear fleet which generated 39% of its electricity in 2020

Figures released by Eurostat this week indicated the monumental task facing the renewables industry as Europe attempts to replace a power source which generated a quarter of the bloc’s electricity in 2020.


Solar up in Belgium in 2021 but will have work to do as nuclear shutdown nears

Electric transmission company Elia Group noted a bigger slice of the generation mix occupied by nuclear last year, just hours after a London-based consultant said the nation was on track to switch off its reactors before 2026.


High energy prices mean big gains for smart-metered Belgian PV system owners

In the Belgian macro-region of Flanders, residential PV system owners that decided to install smart meters and abandon net metering are currently seeing their injection tariffs being paid at €0.11, up from just €0.03 in January. This gain adds to the high value of the kilowatt-hours they self-consume and it is helping them halve the payback time of their installations.

Large-area bifacial TOPCon solar cell with 23.01% efficiency

The n-type cell was built with phosphorus-doped LPCVD poly-Si passivating contacts and achieved a remarkable open-circuit voltage of 691.7 mV. According to its creators, with some adjustments the cell may be suitable for commercial production.

Belgium’s rooftop solar potential estimated at 99.6 GW

According to recent analysis by Belgian institute EnergyVille, rooftop PV and onshore wind have the technical potential to reach 118 GW of capacity in Belgium. Of the three Belgian macro-regions, Flemish-speaking Flanders is the one with the largest solar potential for rooftop systems, at 67.56 GW, followed by French-speaking Wallonia, with 31.54 GW, and the Brussels metropolitan region, with 4.23 GW.


Belgian network to host 25 MW/100 MWh battery for grid services

The energy storage system, which is set to be up and running in around a year’s time, will be supplied by Finnish company Wärtsilä and will provide services including reserve power and frequency control response.

Germany will continue to dominate European home battery market – no matter who is in government

Industry association SolarPower Europe expects little change in the line-up of Europe’s biggest residential battery markets in four years’ time, with a rush of retrofits as turn-of-the-century solar feed-in tariffs begin to expire, set to keep Germany way ahead of the pack.

Novel way to calculate levelized cost of hydrogen generated by offgrid PV

French energy giant Engie has developed a transfer function method based on a model used to assess PV plant variability. Its researchers claim that the new approach does not overestimate the levelized cost of hydrogen of an alkaline electrolyzer powered by offgrid solar.


Flowable silicone sealant to repair damaged solar module backsheets

The special sealant is based on a product developed by U.S.-based Dow Corning for solar panel frame sealing. Its creators claim the new solution is able to make damaged panels recover high insulation resistance and operate normally.

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