Belgium to host its first “giant” solar park

The 100 MW Kristal Solar Park will be the first ground mounted solar park built in the country since 2013. Belgium has so for implemented policies that have supported residential rooftop PV, and that only recently have helped increase the share of the commercial and industrial segments.

Belgium: Wallonian government confirms closing of residential PV incentive scheme

The energy minister of the Belgian French-speaking macro-region said that residential solar is now profitable without incentives in Belgium, and that no retroactive measures will be introduced.

Belgium: Wallonia could close incentive scheme for residential PV

As the government of Belgium’s French-speaking region has announced the possible closing of the incentive scheme Qualiwatt, claiming that self-consumption is now becoming more profitable, the region’s regulator CWaPE warns that the abrupt cancellation of the incentives may have a negative psychological effect.

Belgian Court of Appeal rejects lawsuit against Flanders’ grid-fee for residential PV

The so-called “prosumer tax” was introduced in July 2015 and applies to residential PV systems not exceeding 10 kW installed under net metering.

Solliance hits new perovskite milestone

European research group Solliance has announced new conversion efficiencies of 13.5% (cell) and 12.2% (module) for its perovskite based PV technology. The group states that the records were achieved in a factory setting, using an industrially scalable roll to roll process.


Belgium may add up to 18 GW of solar by 2040

Belgian grid operator Elia expects solar could reach 11.6 GW by 2030, especially if distributed generation and storage begin to see strong development.

imec, Panasonic develop highly conductive solid nanocomposite electrolyte

The Belgian research institute and the Japanese electronics group say they have developed a solid nanocomposite electrolyte with a lithium ion conductivity several times greater than in its liquid equivalent.

Ikea expands PV module offering to Belgium

Belgium becomes the fifth country worldwide where the Swedish furniture retailer is to sell solar panels after the UK, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Belgium’s Flanders region raises 2020 targets for solar and wind

Because biomass is not performing as expected, the Belgian Flemish-speaking region has raised by one third its EU targets for solar and wind, and has improved investment conditions for commercial and industrial PV.

Belgium: Wallonia publishes new incentive levels for Qualiwatt program

Under the Qualiwatt program, homeowners operating a rooftop PV system of up to 10 KW are entitled to have a deduction on their power bill that is proportionate to the household income.