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The impact of climate-based PV panel degradation rates on inverters

New research from Belgium shows the importance of assessing inverter reliability by including climate-based PV panel degradation rates. The scientists found that, especially in hot and arid climates, PV inverters should be designed with parameters above the standard value.


Belgian region of Flanders on track for 1 GW of new solar in 2023

ODE Vlaanderen, a renewable energy association in Belgium, says the Flanders region likely added more than 1 GW of solar capacity in 2023. While the residential market will probably have less orders in early 2024, the organization says it expects strong growth in the large-scale market.

Utility scale solar farms contribute to bird diversity

New research has shown that solar parks can play a positive role in promoting bird diversity in the agricultural landscape of Central Europe. The scientists said solar farms offer food availability and nesting sites.


Ecostal acquires Project Zero

Belgian PV product distributor Ecostal has acquired Project Zero, a business-to-business specialist in Flanders, Belgium. It did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

White hydrogen project sparks interest in France

Philippe de Donato and Jacques Pironon, researchers at a French laboratory, are actively searching for white hydrogen in collaboration with gas company Française De l’Énergie. Pironon told pv magazine that they plan to continue exploration next year to confirm their thesis that deeper digging yields more hydrogen.

Belgian grid operator publishes grid capacity map

Belgian network operator Elia says its new grid map shows available capacity, in addition to existing and already reserved capacity. The map, which considers growth in residential load and generation, shows that there might still be enough free capacity for 3.3 GW of solar and 2.8 GW of storage.

New research finds Netflix users may consider solar leasing an attractive solution

A group of researchers in Belgium studied the effect of circular business models on residential solar adoption and found a link between Netflix users and consumers open to certain business models.


KU Leuven spinoff plans MW-scale production of solar-hydrogen panels

Solhyd, a KU Leuven spinoff, is refining its technology to reach megawatt-scale production of hydrogen-producing solar panels with a €6 million ($6.5 million) investment from a consortium of Flemish investors.


Imec integrates silicon heterojunction solar cells into curved surfaces

Imec has successfully integrated silicon heterojunction PV cells into curved surfaces, resulting in a 6% efficiency increase compared to passivated emitter and rear contact (PERC) half cells. The cells are suitable for applications in vehicle-integrated and building-integrated PV (BIPV).


The Hydrogen Stream: FNB Gas presents hydrogen network plan for Germany

FNB Gas has unveiled plans for a hydrogen core network in Germany, while Tree Energy Solutions has started working on an electrolyzer and 1 GW of renewable energy assets in Canada.


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