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European joint venture to produce solar panels in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Socom and Belgium’s Evocells have announced plans to merge. The new company, Solarcells, will open a 50 MW solar panel factory in Luxembourg by the end of this year, with plans to potentially double its annual output by 2026.


Belgium’s Flanders region to slash solar, storage premium in 2023

The Flemish government will halve the solar panels premium from a maximum of €1,500 ($1,594) in 2022 to €750 from Jan. 1, 2023. It will also end the home battery premium earlier than initially announced, from April 2023. The premium for heat pump boilers, on the other hand, will be retroactively doubled.


Hydrogen-producing rooftop solar panels nearing commercialization

KU Leuven researchers have developed rooftop panels that capture both solar power and water from the air. Like traditional PV modules, hydrogen panels are also connected, but via gas tubes instead of electric cables. The researchers are now preparing to bring the tech to the mass market via a spinoff company.


The Hydrogen Stream: Penta-Ocean opens factory exclusively powered by solar, hydrogen

Japan’s Penta-Ocean has opened a new factory powered by a 670 kW PV system and fuel cells. Plug Power, meanwhile, has revealed that it will provide fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and fueling infrastructure to FreezPak Logistics.


The Hydrogen Stream: World’s largest electrolyzer to be deployed in Norway

HydrogenPro is set to install the world’s largest electrolyzer in Norway, while Siemens is preparing to commission Germany’s second biggest electrolyzer.


Belgium’s Flanders region mapping PV potential of landfill sites

The Flemish Public Waste Agency said that solar energy deployment is one of the options on the table for the reuse of landfill sites.


Belgian manufacturer unveils 400 W black glass-glass heterojunction solar module for residential applications

The new product features a power conversion efficiency of 22.0% and a temperature coefficient of -0.25% per C.

Belgium’s Flanders region wants to retroactively cancel green certificates for large PV systems

The retroactive measure should affect PV systems totaling more than 500 MW. The Flemish government claims the cancellation of the green certificates may help save up to €1.2 million, while the local renewable energy association ODE Vlaanderen is ready to question the legal underpinning of the draft law.


New method to evaluate performance, LCOE of elevated agrivoltaics

Scientists in Belgium have developed a way to assess elevated agrivoltaic projects, by calculating key performance indicators such as energy yield and levelized cost of energy (LCOE). They have found that shade-tolerant crops such as potatoes could potentially be paired with around 1,290 GW of PV capacity in Europe.


The Hydrogen Stream: Project to produce hydrogen from waste plastic takes shape in the UK

In other news, Plug Power revealed plans to build a 35-ton-per-day green hydrogen generation plant at Belgium’s Port of Antwerp-Bruges and UK researchers developed an artificial leaf device made from bismuth oxyiodide that is able to harvest sunlight to produce hydrogen fuels.

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