The weekend read: A watershed year for Belgium

Belgium market update: Once among Europe’s leaders in solar PV deployment, with more than 1 GW of capacity added in its peak year of 2011, Belgium’s market lost momentum following the abrupt closure of generous subsidy programs. In recent years, driven by its residential PV segment, the country has experienced a solar comeback, which became particularly prominent in the year just passed.

Belgium: Flemish government pushes for more community solar

Through the platform Zonnegids, the Flemish Ministry of Energy seeks to connect developers of commercial and industrial PV projects with private citizens that want to invest in solar, but have no surface available.

Belgium sets record for power production from solar

On February 25, Belgium recorded the maximum amount of electricity produced by solar PV. Overall, it acounted for an impressive 21% of the country’s electricity consumption.

Belgian grid operator, Eandis tests storage at its solar-powered facilities

‘TheBattery’ storage system of the Dutch provider of high and low voltage equipment, Alfen, will be used by the Belgian power distributor to store solar power produced at its logistical center in Lokeren, Flanders.

Belgium plans big off-shore solar projects in the North Sea

A few days after the first grid-connected off-shore solar PV project was announced in the Netherlands, the Belgian government has unveiled plans to make the North Sea a solar energy hub.

Belgian solar market grew by 50% in 2017

While new PV additions in 2017 totaling 264 MW, the country’s cumulative PV capacity had reached 3.8 GW. The market’s main driver remains residential PV.

Belgium: Flemish solar market grew by 188 MW in 2017

Almost all of last year’s newly installed PV capacity comes in the form of residential PV systems not exceeding 10 kW, installed under net metering.

Agfa, Ferrbatt sign agreement for distribution of PV backsheets

Anticipating growing market demand for its UNIQOAT backsheet, Agfa has partnered with Italian company, Ferrbatt to bolster local industry supply and support.

Belgium’s Flanders region plans to launch virtual net metering

The new scheme, named Zonnendelen, will enable electricity consumers with no available surface to install a PV system to buy a share in a net metered installation owned by a third party, and to use its stake in the project to reduce their energy bills.

Belgium to host its first “giant” solar park

The 100 MW Kristal Solar Park will be the first ground mounted solar park built in the country since 2013. Belgium has so for implemented policies that have supported residential rooftop PV, and that only recently have helped increase the share of the commercial and industrial segments.