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Italy hits 959 MW/1,826 MWh of distributed storage capacity

Italy added 303 MW/632 MWh of distributed energy storage capacity in the first nine months of 2022. The segment continues to grow in the country, led by the regions of Lombardy and Veneto.


Italy deployed 1.6 GW of PV in January-September period

The Gestore dei Servizi (GSE) energy agency says that Italy’s cumulative installed solar capacity reached 24.2 GW at the end of September.


Optimized tilt angle boosts solar generation in France, Italy by 4%

A group of researchers from Italy has proposed formulas to determine the optimal tilt angle for PV installations in France and Italy, claiming improved positioning would result in an increase in collectible solar energy of up to 4%.

Non-linear degradation curves affecting solar project profitability

Italian scientists have looked at how non-linear degradation curves could affect the profitability of large-scale solar projects. They found that full substitution of the modules after 10 years could be justified if the performance loss rate was higher than 1% per year.

Enel Green Power confirms plans to build 3 GW solar module factory in US

Enel, which already runs a solar factory on the Italian island of Sicily, said its new US plant with be its second global PV manufacturing facility.

Eni, Sonatrach start building 10 MW solar array in Algeria

Italy’s Eni and Algeria’s Sonatrach have started building a 10 MW solar project in Algeria. The oil giants also inaugurated a solar lab to test the efficiency of different PV technologies under local irradiation conditions.

Zucchetti unveils 5 kWh high-voltage battery for three-phase storage applications

Zucchetti’s new battery features a nominal capacity of 5.12 kWh and a nominal voltage of 400 V. It says it is suitable for C&I and residential PV systems.


Italy’s Key Energy positions agrivoltaics, utility storage as new market drivers

The latest edition of Key Energy, Italy’s top solar event, shows that the nation is once again poised for growth. It also shows that incentive schemes can turn agrivoltaics and large-scale storage into market drivers like rooftop and ground-mounted PV.

World’s first utility-scale, rock-based storage facility goes online in Italy

Enel is testing a 24 MWh thermal energy storage system that could be used for seasonal renewables storage. The facility uses rocks that store excess energy as heat, then releases that heat to generate steam for electricity.


Sun-tracking mounting structure for agrivoltaics

Italy’s Rem Tec has developed a rotating mounting structure for agrivoltaics. It is reportedly ideal for flat surfaces with a maximum slope of 3%, and is designed to produce a dynamic, controlled shadow on the ground.