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Large-scale PV occupies just 0.13% of all agricultural land in Italy

A new report from Italian energy agency GSE shows that the 16.61 GW of ground-mounted PV plants in Italy only cover a small portion of the country’s agricultural space. In some regions, the percentage is even close to zero.

Industry pushes for ‘agricentricity’ at Agrivoltaics2023

At the Agrivoltaics2023 conference in France this week, companies such as solar developers and mounting system suppliers called for a more central role for agriculture, amid ongoing legislative and commercial developments. However, uncertainties remain over the next steps European countries might take to drive such initiatives.

Workflow for integration of BIPV in historical buildings

Italian researchers have outlined a four-step method to assess the technical feasibility of building-integrated PV (BIPV) projects in historical buildings. They applied the proposed approach to a courtyard building from the 16th century in the historical Italian town of Marcianise.


Casting the net for solar recruits

Solar-industry companies need to forget ideas about office-based roles and look far afield to source the recruits necessary for the energy transition – and then they need to keep them loyal by offering a rewarding career.

EU Commission approves €5.7 billion Italian scheme for energy communities

The European Commission said last week it has greenlighted a €5.7 billion ($6.24 billion) scheme for Italy to develop renewable energy communities up to 1 MW in size.

The Hydrogen Stream: Germany, Italy plan hydrogen pipeline to North Africa

Germany, in collaboration with Italy, has revealed plans to import hydrogen from Northern Africa.


Italy’s January-September solar installations hit 3.5 GW

Italy deployed more than 3.51 GW of new solar in the first nine months of 2023, bringing its cumulative installed PV capacity to 28.57 GW at the end of September, according to the national energy agency.


European Commission approves Italy’s incentive scheme for agrivoltaics

The European Commission has approved Italy’s €1.7 billion ($1.84 billion) incentive scheme for agrivoltaics to deploy 1.04 GW of installed solar. The nation will offer investment grants of up to 40%, along with 20-year tariffs.


Collectively owned PV systems improve energy community performance

Researchers have looked into the impact of potential regulated charge exemptions on two types of energy communities in 39 European countries. They have found that communities with collectively owned PV systems achieve greater savings.


Overview of grid codes identifies CEI 0–21 standard as potential international benchmark

Conducted by Italian scienitists, the analysis includes standards such as IEC 61727, the US EREC G83/2 Recommendations, Germany’s VDE-AR-N 4105, China’s GB/T 19964-2012 and GB/T 20,046, Italy’s CEI 0-21, Australia’s AS 4777.2, and New Zealand’s AS 4777.2 standards, as well as the United States’ IEEE 1547. 

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