Bankset Energy announces GW-scale plans for solar railways the world over

Bankset Energy Corporation has ambitious plans to install gigawatts of solar PV on railway sleepers across the globe. While the first installation took place in Switzerland, work is under way on projects in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, China and Italy; and gearing up in Austria and Spain. pv magazine speaks to Bankset Group president, Patrick Buri.


EDF now aims to become e-mobility leader

EDF has launched yet another ambitious plan, this time aiming to become the leader in e-mobility by 2022. It has outlined three targets, and cemented new partnerships, to achieve this goal.

Italy set to reach 20 GW milestone

Although the Italian solar market registered an 11% drop in new PV installations in the first eight months of 2018, by the end of the year, it will likely surpass 20 GW of cumulative installed solar power. No large-scale PV facilities have been grid connected so far this year, but monthly average growth remains in line with that of the previous two years.

Italy further improves decree for solar, renewables

In a meeting with domestic energy associations, the Italian government has confirmed the general thrust of the draft decree for solar and renewable energies. It has also proposed changes favorable for PV linked to projects for asbestos removal and the rehabilitation of polluted or soil-degraded areas for large-scale projects selected in upcoming RE auctions. Alberto Pinori, president of Italy’s renewable energy association, Anie Rinnovabili, has praised the government’s new attitude and its agencies. He further stressed the importance of the obligation of only using new components for renewable projects, solar included, which will likely be included in the decree.

Italian stock exchange suspends trading of Enertronica shares

The Italian developer and largest shareholder of inverter maker Elettronica Santerno, said on Friday it would delay its financial results for the first half. Its statement also revealed the loss of a contract to build a 120 MW solar plant in Spain and a $5 million loss linked to another project in the US.

Italy extends fiscal incentive for residential PV to storage

The Italian Revenue Agency has clarified that the purchase and installation of a residential storage system linked to a rooftop PV system may also take advantage of the 50% of Irpef deduction, an indirect incentive that has played a major role in driving solar growth in the residential and commercial segments over the past years.


Recom to increase production capacity by 1 GW

The German module manufacturer is planning a further expansion of capacity in Europe. In France and Armenia, new production lines for solar cells and modules are planned to start this year.

Scientists add new layer to perovskite

A team led by Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne has developed a low-dimensional perovskite layer it says can be used as a capping layer on perovskite solar cell material, improving stability and water resistance. The team reports a 20% efficient cell incorporating the material.


Italy to hold first 500 MW wind-solar auction in January

The new Italian government has maintained, almost unchanged, the provisions for the creation of an auction scheme for solar, wind and other renewables designed by the previous government. It has, however, postponed the first auction for large-scale projects from November to January. Furthermore, it has introduced new rules to enable the replacement of asbestos covers with rooftop PV systems through an ad-hoc FIT scheme.

Italian region of Lombardia allocates another €3 million for solar+storage

After earmarking €4 million last year, Italy’s most dynamic and affleunt region is further supporting solar+storage installations through a rebate scheme.

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