North America

UCI scientists develop new type of solar generation

A team of researchers from University of California, Irvine (UCI) has developed a device which which converts sunlight into electricity through the motion of ions, rather than through excitement of electrons as in standard photovoltaics.

MIT researchers release evaluation of solar pumps for irrigation in India

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) study of solar pump technology used in India assesses technical performance and explores innovative business cases to increase user adoption. The study also helps farmers to choose the right size of the pump according to their requirement or size of fields.

JA Solar to drop NASDAQ listing, go private

JA Solar has signed an agreement to cancel its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange and go private in an all-cash transaction.

Solar remains largely unscathed as House tax bill passes

Though there are modifications to the hard-won investment tax credit step-down provisions, it appears the bill leaves the solar industry largely alone.

SunEdison to sell up to $417 million in TerraForm stock

The company stands to make a pretty penny by getting out of TerraForm Power.

It’s settled: GCL-Poly resolves legal dispute with Solaria

Intellectual Property claim filed by U.S. firm Solaria against GCL-Solar in September 2016 has been resolved on mutually agreeable terms, GCL-Poly said. Exact details of the settlement were not disclosed.

TerraForm Power refinances with $350 million term loan facility

On the heels of its acquisition by Brookfield, the yieldco is putting its financial house in order.

Shareholder vote puts Brookfield closer to TerraForm Global acquisition

Settlement of securities lawsuits is the final step before the Canadian asset manager can consummate the acquisition of the second of SunEdison’s former yieldcos.

The clock ticks: ITC turns Section 201 over to President Trump

With the receipt of the final report by the ITC, the Trump Administration now has 60 days to take action on the Section 201 case. The probability of restrictive tariffs is high.

Canada’s Nova Scotia launches program for community solar

Canada’s second smallest province, Nova Scotia, has announced the launch of the Community Buildings Pilot Program, an initiative that is expected to spur the development of community solar projects throughout the region.