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Fixing perovskite defects with potassium

Scientists led by Cambridge University have discovered that adding a simple solution of potassium to the ink solution has the effect of ‘healing’ defects in metal-halide perovskite films, and immobilizing ion movement. This, according to the researchers, could push the material to higher efficiencies, while also increasing its stability.

UK: Spring Statement silent on solar

U.K. Chancellor, Phillip Hammond’s Spring Statement was delivered to the House of Commons earlier this afternoon. While the announcement did include provisions for greener products and services, and support for cleaner vehicles, solar and renewable energy were not mentioned specifically.

Younicos introduces industrial storage-as-a-service

German energy storage provider Younicos is introducing C&I battery storage systems on a rental basis. The company says service is ideal for offgrid industries such as the mining sector.

Energy storage investment fund to float on London Stock Exchange

Private equity firm, Gore Street Capital is planning an IPO for an investment fund focused entirely on utility-scale energy storage projects, to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. The fund already owns three storage projects in the U.K., and is seeking to raise GBP 100 million in initial investment.

Canadian Solar announces sale of 24 PV plants to Greencoat Capital LLP

The already operational power plants sold for US$267.7 million comprise 272,000 Canadian Solar modules in total. Canadian Solar is set to provide operations and maintenance services to the plant, which could generate up to 142,000 MW per year for its new owner, based in the U.K.

UK’s PV capacity tops 12.8 GW

Around 46% of the country’s installed solar PV capacity comes from power facilities exceeding in size 5 MW, while another 20% is represented by residential systems up to 4 kW.


UK: Ikea teams up with Big Clean Switch to promote clean energy

Swedish retail giant, Ikea is encouraging people to follow its lead by joining forces with the Big Clean Switch, in a bid to promote a 100% renewable electricity tariff.

UK National Grid accelerates EV adoption with installation of super rapid charging stations

The National Grid is planning to support the installation and development of ultra-rapid, directly connected EV charging points along the U.K.’s major motorways.


UK: London backs solar with funding for 1 GW PV scheme

London has launched a £34 million Energy for Londoners scheme, which includes goal of generating 1 GW of energy from solar by 2030. Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for the environment and energy, presented parts of London’s energy vision this week at the Energy Storage Connected Systems conference.

GE, Arenko form partnership to deliver 41 MW battery to UK

Large-scale battery energy storage system will be supplied by GE and tap into U.K.’s growing demand for stationary storage solutions.