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United Kingdom

Home office, schooling helped distributed PV address duck curve challenge during Covid-19 crisis

New research from the United Kingdom shows how during the Covid-19 crisis homeowners relying on PV and storage were able to considerably reduce grid electricity reliance, while increasing self-consumption rates. The analysis included 100 houses equipped with solar arrays ranging in output from 1.71 kW to 4.86 kW and batteries ranging from 2.5 kW to 3.3 kW.

Lynher Energy secures 15-year PPA for 27 MW plant on UK agricultural land

Corporate PPA deal with FTSE 100 company creates a “solid foundation” for near-term solar capacity growth, according to Lynher Energy director.

The Hydrogen Stream: China may hit 2025 green-hydrogen targets a year early

Rystad Energy says China appears set to smash its national hydrogen targets, solidifying its lead in the global electrolyzer market, while European Union and Japan have agreed to cooperate on hydrogen research.

UK smart meter rollout is slowing down

The latest smart meter installation data for Great Britain reveals a slowdown in deployment. Suppliers have been tasked with providing three in four households with smart meters by the end of 2025 – failure could result in financial penalties.

The Hydrogen Stream: Europe launches pilot to improve market transparency

The European Commission says it has started working on a new pilot mechanism, and Italy has agreed to expand collaboration with Austria and Germany, while also supporting cooperation between Italian companies and Finland’s Wärtsilä.

United Kingdom closes in on 16 GW installed solar capacity

The latest government installation figures reveal a slower start to the year for the United Kingdom, with small-scale installations accounting for the majority of additions. As the UK General Election approaches, there are calls from industry for the next government to act quickly on the issues hindering capacity expansion.

Are the days of cheap finance for Chinese solar over?

The Chinese PV industry has benefited from the availability of substantial finance over the past two decades, supporting the development of the renewable, zero-carbon capability essential for meeting the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Easy access to finance has led to unsustainably low prices and unnecessary losses, however, impacting China’s ability to sustain support for renewable energy systems. As the nation expands clean power installations and enhances grid-balancing capacity, maintaining consistent financial support has become more challenging.


Indoor PV powered wireless touch-switch to control home, office equipment

U.K.-based indoor PV specialist Lightricity and Japanese capacitator manufacturer Nichicon have developed a PV-powered Bluetooth switch to remotely control home or office equipment, such as lighting, sliding doors, or appliances.


Clean Power Hydrogen launches membraneless electrolyzers

Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) is launching membraneless electrolyzers with cryogenic systems to separate hydrogen and oxygen. It is producing them in the United Kingdom and is collaborating with other companies for production in Germany and New Zealand. It says it expects 4 GW of combined production capacity by 2030.

The prospects for battery investment in Germany

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has been heating up in Germany but increased competition and high interest rates are affecting renewables project values. Baris Serifsoy, partner at GreenCap Partners, examines the investment landscape in one of the world’s most developed PV markets.

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