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United Kingdom

The Hydrogen Stream: First hydrogen coach ready for mass-production

GCK Mobility has secured French government approval for the first homologation of a hydrogen-retrofitted coach for series production, while Forvia and Air Liquide have agreed with FAW Jiefang to equip heavy-duty trucks with liquid hydrogen storage systems in China.

New design for photovoltaic-thermal panels mitigates risk of cracking

Researchers in Sweden have developed a new PVT module using an aluminum alloy structure between the thermal absorber and the photovoltac cells. This architecture reportedly reduces thermal expansion by 20%, thus increasing the chances of mitigating cracks in the PV unit.

UK installers Stratford Energy, Bannister Ventures merge to strenghten services

The two UK companies are joining forces to consolidate and develop opportunities in the residential and commercial energy solutions market.


UK researchers identify optimal heat pump design minimizing system transition costs

Researchers led by the Imperial College London have analyzed the effects different kinds of air-to-water heat pumps will have on the UK energy system, based on their coefficient of performance and price. They also identified a point of diminishing returns, after which it is more cost-effective to invest in centralized energy generation and storage.

Deep-learning tech for dust detection in solar panels

Researchers from China and the UK have improved the Adam optimization algorithm to achieve better results in dust detection on PV panels. The optimized algorithm reportedly performed better than most common algorithms used for dust detection.


UK-led project explores PV module production in Africa, Asia, Indo-Pacific

Universities and businesses from the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, and the Indo-Pacific are assessing the potential to set up sustainable PV module manufacturing hubs across the Global South.


Midsummer, Solarport partner on ground-mounted solar design

British wholesale distributor Midsummer has teamed up with solar mounting system manufacturer Solarport to integrate ground-mounted arrays into its solar design tool.


Pacific Green targets 12 GWh battery storage rollout

UK renewables developer Pacific Green Technologies says it will double down on battery energy storage systems as a priority in 2024, as it has expanded its global pipeline to 6 GWh over the past year.


‘UK solar will forge ahead no matter who is in government’

With United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appearing to have decided green policy, or rather, anti-green policy should be used to rally voters to his party’s bid for re-election this year – and with the opposition Labour party vacillating over a promise to spend £28 billion ($35 billion) per year on green investment – Adam Swarbrick, of RWE Renewables UK, gives an update on the prospects for United Kingdom solar.

Scotland gives green light for 1.5 GW of battery storage

UK-based Alcemi says it has obtained planning permission for the construction of 1.5 GW of battery energy storage system (BESS) projects in Scotland, developed in partnership with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).


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