United Kingdom

UK researchers launch PV generation forecasting tool

A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield has developed a service to forecast energy generation levels from PV up to three days in advance, allowing grid operators to make decisions further in advance, lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of electricity systems.

Foresight Solar Fund to pursue international strategy

The Foresight Solar Fund, an investment group with a 470 MW portfolio of solar projects in the UK, published financial reports for the first half of 2016 this week. Reporting after tax profits of GBP 11.5 million ($15 million) for the period up to 30th June, the group also announced plans to expand and acquire projects in new markets outside of the UK.

Scottish council grants permission for 20 MW solar farm

Moray Council have approved a proposed solar project by Elgin Energy at a 47-hectare site near Urquhart in the northeast of Scotland.


Researchers use polystyrene to upgrade perovskite solar cells

Polystyrene does not only bring down manufacturing costs of perovskite solar cells, but also improves their stability, researchers show.


Households-as-power-stations could reduce energy consumption by 60% across UK

If homes across the U.K. were designed to generate, store and release their own solar energy, household fuel bills could be cut by £600 a year, finds a report.

UK’s solar fleet helps reduce power demand to lowest level in eight years

Data from energy analysts EnAppSys reveals that average half-hour power demand in July was just 26.2 GW, the lowest point since the last recession, as more distributed solar energy eased grid peaks.

Arsenal Football Club goes 100% clean energy thanks to solar deal

English Premier League soccer club’s Emirates Stadium now runs on 100% renewable energy following deal with Octopus Energy.

UK: Solar Trade Association secures government climbdown on battery tax

UK taxation department HMRC agrees to place batteries sold with a new solar system in 5% VAT tax rate following lobbying by the Solar Trade Association. Government will also consider proposals to offer reduced rate to all storage.

Solarcentury and IKEA launch residential home battery in UK

The new product, available to U.K. online customers, will retail from £3,000 for a standalone battery, or for as little as £6,925 for the solar panel-plus-battery package.

St. Andrews University discovery could push solar cell’s theoretical efficiency limit

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews have demonstrated that atomically precise groups of nanoparticles known as nanoclusters can cut a single high energy photon into two lower energy ones, a discovery which could lead to major advancements in the development of solar cells.