United Kingdom

Idea of solar powered trains gaining traction

In two separate studies, in the U.K. and Switzerland, respectively, the notion of combining solar power and trains has been explored. The results indicate it could offer a cost-competitive, energy saving alternative to the traditional power methods currently employed.

Associated British Ports to scale up its solar portfolio to 28 MW

The UK’s port operator has announced plans to build a 20 MW solar array on multiple warehouses at the Port of Immingham. Custom Solar has been contracted to install solar panels.

UK could reach 12 GW storage capacity within five years, report finds

Lessons learned from solar failures could propel battery storage market to 12 GW by 2021, argues report by All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Storage, which implores government to be “on the front foot” when it comes to seizing ways to ensure energy security for the nation.

Researchers demonstrate feasibility of bio-photovoltaic cells to generate electricity

Using water as the source of electrons, microbial bio-photovoltaic (BPV) cells have the capacity to exploit the ability of cyanobacteria and microalgae to convert light energy into electrical current.

UK researchers seek to improve conductivity of fluorine doped tin dioxide in coatings for solar cells

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have identified the root of low conductivity in fluorine doped tin dioxide coating, a result that may have positive development for the glass coating of solar cells.

UK government backs national battery facility to tune of £80m

Partnership between Coventry City Council, University of Warwick’s WMG and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership to receive sizable investment from British government to build and maintain world-leading storage research and production facility.

Wales urges UK Government to renew solar, wind support

The Welsh Government, together with a number of local organizations, is calling for the U.K. Government to renew its support for solar and onshore wind development. In addition to reducing costs, it says these industries will help it survive a post-Brexit world.

UK: Greencoat boosts solar portfolio by 75 MW, NI Water unveils £7 million project

In the past seven days, Northern Ireland has seen the sale of a 45 MW solar farm to U.K. investment firm, Greencoat Solar by BayWa; and the unveiling of a £7 million solar project by NI Water.

UK: no budge on solar tax breaks in Budget

Today’s Budget see solar remain locked out on the types of tax breaks available to fossil fuels, while general lack of energy policy continues to fail long-term low carbon investors, argues Solar Trade Association.

UK energy storage: all eyes set to co-location with solar plants

An energy storage event organised by the UK’s Solar Trade Association this week in London showcased the potential for energy storage development in the country. However, what the solar industry is currently targeting most eagerly is co-locating photovoltaics with batteries.