United Kingdom

Foresight Group acquires 35 MW storage system in UK

The investment firm active in the renewable energy industry has bought the Port of Tyne battery storage project from Renewable Energy Systems in latest addition to its growing clean power portfolio.

UK energy regulator slashes subsidies for small-scale energy generators

Power generators that have less than 100 MW of capacity on the U.K. grid will see the payments they receive for supplying backup power during peak hours slashed from £45/kw to between £3/kw and £7/kw as Ofgem seeks to get grip of consumer electricity bills.


UK’s ‘stunning Sunday’ of 70% low-carbon power offers glimpse of near future

Sunny and windy Sunday afternoon in the U.K. sees carbon intensity power production level fall below 100g of CO2 per kWh for first time ever, gifting country’s energy market glimpse into future power generation mix.

UK University develops algorithm for fault detection

Researchers at the University of Huddersfield have developed an energy sharing platform to allow communities to share energy generated from small-scale PV. The platform also includes new systems that could allow for faster fault detection and better monitoring.

ABB microgrid control system poised for UK university campus deployment

Swiss power electronics firm to install its state-of-the-art microgrid solution at the University of Chester’s new Energy Centre, in what will be the first energy management system of its kind in the U.K.

NextEnergy Solar Fund heralds arrival of subsidy-free UK solar

Amid falling costs across the industry, Guernsey-based investment company NextEnergy Solar Fund is planning to develop four solar plants totaling 59.8 MW without the U.K. government’s financial backing.

Pfalzsolar sells two PV plants in UK

London based Empower Community has purchased two solar power plants from Pfalzsolar on the British island. The solar systems, each with 5 MW capacity, are expected to deliver green electricity for the region as a community project.

UK distribution network operators: frantic energy storage activity

A conference on the next steps for renewable energy in the UK that took place last week in London showcased the frantic energy storage activity that has engulfed the country’s distribution grid operators. The emerging question is when and whether the proposed projects can be built.


U.K. solar shatters generation record on year’s hottest day

With the temperature reaching 29.5 degrees Celsius, solar panel installations across the U.K. generated a record amount of electricity on Friday, overtaking nuclear for the first time ever.

It all stacks up: Lego goes 100% renewable

Danish plastic building blocks manufacturer Lego has achieved its goal of being 100% renewable three years early thanks to concerted efforts to rely on solar and wind power at its facilities worldwide.