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Hybridizing photovoltaics with liquid air energy storage

An international group of researchers has designed a new hybrid photovoltaic-liquid air energy storage (PV-LAES) system. Their economic evaluation for the proposed 2 MW PV-LAES project showed that the investment payback period can be within 10 years, and the accumulated net profit can reach up to $2.2 million from a life-cycle perspective.


Viessmann unveils ground-source heat pump for space, water heating

Viessmann has developed a heat pump for residential applications that can produce between 5.8 kW to 10.4 kW of heat. It has the capacity to heat 220 liters of domestic water, with a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4.8 for space heating and 3.14 for water heating.


UK power capacity auctions turbocharging battery storage sector

Battery energy storage saw a major increase in contracted capacity in British auctions this year, with many utility-scale projects securing long-term deals. The business case, however, is not as strong for all storage durations.

Novel design for intermediate band solar cells

A UK-Australian research group has built an intermediate band solar cell with a quantum ratchet semiconductor nanostructure that reportedly increases the ratchet band state lifetime of the device. Their new design builds on a cell structure known as the Vaquero–Stainer Device (VSD).

Australian startup buys Britishvolt

Startup Recharge Industries has acquired collapsed battery producer Britishvolt, just weeks after announcing plans to build a lithium-ion battery gigafactory in Australia.


Aggreko releases new line of modular, mobile battery energy storage solutions

Aggreko, a UK-based mobile power and cooling solutions supplier, has released a new line of 30 kVA and 60 kVA battery storage modules. The fully integrated systems are developed for commercial and industrial energy storage applications.

UK added 555 MW of new solar in 2022

The United Kingdom hit 14.3 GW of cumulative solar capacity by the end of last year, according to provisional government data. New solar capacity grew by 4% year on year, with the rooftop PV market accounting for most of the new installations.

UK power capacity auction delivers 627 MW of battery storage

Britain’s T-1 Capacity Auction for delivery in the 2023-24 period saw battery energy storage technology emerge as the third-biggest winner in terms of secured contracts, following gas and nuclear. Batteries accounted for more than a half of the new build capacity.


UK must act now to embed solar in energy transition

Tony Danker, head of the Confederation of British Industry, in January warned the UK is at risk of squandering the vast economic opportunities available to nations investing in the energy transition. Christophe Williams, CEO of solar thermal company Naked Energy agrees, and here spells out some of the urgent actions Rishi Sunak’s government must take to place solar thermal – and PV – at the heart of a green revolution.


Photovoltaic-thermal system in vacuum tube configuration

Naked Energy is commercializing a photovoltaic-thermal system to capture excess heat generated by PV modules for use in buildings. The VirtuPVT system, conceived for rooftop applications, includes an absorber plate, monocrystalline PERC solar cells, a borosilicate vacuum tube, an integrated reflector, and an integrated mounting system.

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