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vanadium redox flow batteries

Large-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shape in Australia

A new South Australian big battery will show the value of diverse storage deployments in the National Electricity Market.


Australian vanadium companies unveil new flow-battery strategies

Australian Vanadium filed a patent application this week for its vanadium processing route, while rival TNG signed a deal to commercialize vanadium redox flow batteries.

Australian government praises vanadium project

The Australian government has recognized TNG’s flagship Mount Peake Project – a mine that includes production plans for vanadium redox flow batteries and green hydrogen – as nationally significant.

Redox flow batteries with fluorescence detection

Argonne National Laboratory researchers have found a way to use fluorescence to monitor the performance of redox flow batteries in real time. They used 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole as a redox-active molecule to store energy in the electrolytes. The molecule works as an energy carrier and signals a problem known as “crossover.”

Hybrid electrodes for cheaper redox flow batteries

UK researchers have used standard carbon paper electrodes modified with electrophoretically deposited nitrogen-doped graphene (N-G) to improve the electrochemical performance of hybrid redox flow cells utilized in redox flow batteries. According to their findings, these electrodes are capable of meeting the harsh electrochemical requirements for these HRFCs and offer enhanced performance and operability.

The best redox flow battery tech

Batteries based on vanadium or zinc bromide represent the cutting edge of redox flow storage tech, an international research team has claimed. They have identified challenges and opportunities for about a dozen redox flow storage technologies, while providing estimates of their current and projected levelized costs of storage.


Australian Vanadium pushes ahead with plans for residential flow battery

Australian Vanadium is pushing ahead with plans to develop a vanadium redox flow battery for the Australian residential market, via its VSUN Energy subsidiary.


Enhancing electron transfer kinetics crucial for viability of redox flow batteries

Scientists in the United States claim that further research is needed to gain a deeper understanding of kinetic stabilization strategies to increase cell voltage in redox flow batteries and bring them closer to commercial viability.

Vanadium redox flow battery integrating CIGS modules

Spanish and Finnish scientists have developed a solar vanadium redox flow battery paired with commercially available CIGS solar panels. The open-circuit voltage values were high enough to achieve unbiased photocharge, they said.

Vanadium redox flow battery goes online in Spain

Spanish storage specialist E22 said its new system can be integrated within a modular block from 250 kW to 330 kW. It purportedly has a product life above 12,000 cycles at full power.

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