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Natcore aims for 2016 production of silver-less solar cells; companies express interest

Natcore will hold high efficiency laboratory demonstrations in the next two to three months

Natcore Technologies Inc. has said pilot demonstration of its silver-less solar PV cells is expected in early 2016, with production available later in the year, if successful. To date, four companies have expressed interest in...

Adler, viamon pilot project sees theft protection installed in 18 MW PV park

The anti-theft device is said to be the world’s first GPS-based safety concept for PV installations

Adler Solar and viamon have completed a joint pilot project in the U.K., which saw theft protection devices installed in an 18 MW solar PV park. The companies claim to have built the world’s first GPS-based safety concept for PV...

Natcore swaps silver for aluminum in solar cells

Nacore Technology has eliminated silver from a solar cell

In what is expected to bring "substantial" cost savings to the industry, Natcore technology Inc. says it has successfully swapped silver for aluminum in its solar cells. A provisional patent application will now be filed.

Hawaii, Scotland present energy storage approaches for Australia

AECOM sees energy storage as boosting RE deployment

Energy storage is on course to see a boom similar to that in the solar market; Australia aims to tap this potential to facilitate the further roll out of renewables. A new study has identified key investment areas, and barriers,...

Germany targeting 22.5% PERC efficiency

Demand for PERC solar cells is on the up

The SolarWorld coordinated "HELENE" research project, which set a new world record for PERC efficiency last month, is targeting an efficiency of 22.5% for industrially manufactured monocrystalline p-Type PERC solar cells by the...

EcoSolifer aims for mass HJT solar production with $29.5 million cell line

Last February, Meyer Burger and CSEM joined forces on a 600 kW pilot production facility for high-efficiency PV cells employing HJT in a demo system

EcoSolifer has signed contracts with Meyer Burger worth around CHF 29 million (approx. US$29.5 million) for a HJT solar cell line. The Hungarian technology manufacturer aims to begin production of the high efficiency cells in Q1...

Tesla's storage solutions sell out

According to Tesla's Q2 2015 earnings report, the company has reduced full-year delivery outlook for its vehicles, causing Tesla shares to fall yesterday. However, its storage solutions are seeing a surge in demand.

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