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FOE: Finance for 100% renewables exist, but policies are absent

Solar is again the renewables king, accroding to FOE

In a new report, Friends of the Earth (FOE) calculates that switching to 100% renewable energy in Africa, Latin America and most of Asia by 2030 would cost US$5.15 trillion – equivalent to the amount held by the world’s 782...

US Energy Department: US$22.7 million for 23 solar tech projects

Combined solar and storage

The new government program is aimed at supporting projects with the potential to significantly reduce the costs for solar energy systems while also boosting U.S. competitiveness and strengthening the country's clean energy...

German research reveals keys to "perpetual youth" batteries

Researcher with equipment

Researchers from Germany's Technical University of Munich (TUM) have discovered key processes by which lithium ion batteries lose capacity. The scientists believe that battery life can be enhanced through adjusting the process by...

Why the IEA is consistently wrong on renewables

Ray Wills

Last week’s IEA World Energy Outlook forecast modest renewable uptake globally in a number of scenarios. In its most optimistic outlook for solar and wind, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects total deployment growth...

New approach greatly enhances pervoskite stability

Pervoskite cell from UCLA.

UCLA researchers have developed a metal oxide sandwich perovskite cell that enhances the stability of the promising semiconductor by more than 10 times. The approach uses two metal oxide layers on either side of the perovskite...

Australia considers new off-grid, 100% renewables town in Hunter Valley

Coal mining is the main industry in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley in Australia’s New South Wales is set to see its first new town in 50 years. The aim is to have the 20,000 strong residential development powered by a 100% renewable microgrid. AU$1.1 million is being invested in...

European researchers develop perovskite-HJT solar cell

Oxford PV cell

A research team from the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and Ècole Polytechnique Fédérale (EPF) has developed a method to produce perovskite-heterojunction crystalline silicon tandem solar cells. Having produced an 18% efficiency...

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