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SEMI: Equipment sales fall as book-to-bill remains negative

SEMI graph.

Worldwide PV equipment billings have fallen in Q3 2014, decreasing to $264 million, a fall over 17% quarter-on-quarter. Bookings also fell to $157 million, 33% below Q2, with the book-to-bill ratio remaining below parity.

NREL partners with GE on microgrid development project


Collaboration includes involvement from the Electric Power Research Institute and focuses on $8 million program to leverage capabilities of energy systems integration facilities.

Niche solar products enjoying their moment in sun

Solar Cloth application.

From spray-on and peel and stick to solar cloth and solar-powered cycle paths, PV's potential is being examined across a number of innovative applications.

Cleantech disruption to reduce annual utility revenues by up to $123 billion

A power pole.

The growth of distributed generation and energy efficiency is set to reduce utility revenues by up to $123 billion a year by 2025. This is the finding of a new report by consultants Accenture, in its Digitally Enabled Grid...

UNSW researchers achieve 40.4% CPV cell result with outdoor testing

A power tower diagram.

Researchers from Australian Center for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW))have achieved a conversion efficiency world record, for a cell testing in outdoor facilities. The 40.4% efficiency...

TU Delft student sets new tandem thin film silicon efficiency record

Researcher Hairen Tan.

A PhD student at TU Delft has recorded a conversion efficiency of 14.8% with a tandem thin film silicon cell. Hairen Tan achieved the result through applying a number of innovative techniques, for which he picked up the Young...

Peel-and-stick solar cells

Stanford University campus.

Stanford professor says peel-away solar cells could revolutionize BIPV. Chinese academic is working on scaling up the technology.

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