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MIT, Stanford team achieve 1.65 V perovskite tandem cell

PV tandem cell.

Researchers have achieved an open voltage perovskite-cSi tandem cell with an open circuit (Voc) voltage of 1.65 V and a conversion efficiency of 13.7%. The team from MIT and Stanford report its work has identified key challenges...

California Energy Commission awards Bosch-led team $2.8 million for micro-grid demonstration

Bosch site, Farmington Hills, Michigan

The funds will assist the demonstration and deployment of Bosch's direct-current building-scale micro-grid platform, which the company says will provide a more reliable and resilient power supply to critical loads.

Schmid promotes PERT over PERC

A PERC cell.

German PV equipment supplier Schmid is promoting its PERT technology as resulting in significantly reduced light-induced degradation than occurs in PERC multicrystalline cells. PERT refers to Passivated Emitter Rear Totally...

Australia: Study finds PV can supply more than 60% of electricity demand in Alice Springs

Australian outback.

A study released today has found that solar can supply more than 60% of electricity demand in the remote town of Alice Springs and the grid remain stable. The study concludes that an additional 10 MW of PV can be added to the...

Singulus books 'high performance' cell tool order

Dr Stefan Rinck.

German PV production equipment supplier Singulus has booked a "substantial" order for process machines for the production of "high performance" solar cells. The order, in the "double digit of millions," brings Singulus' solar...

Oxford PV raises over US$12 million to commercialize perovskites

Tandem PV.

UK-based perovskite technology developer Oxford PV has closed an £8 million (US$12.15 million) first-tranche B equity round to continue to develop its solar perovskite technology. The round doubles the amount of equity...

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