"Major" collaboration opportunity for Germany and China


He said that he hoped that companies in both countries would get the support they needed to "build upon this".

He went on to say Germany was a "highly developed" country, where renewable energy sources are greatly supported, and that the Forum Solarpraxis was an "important sign" of how solar energy is developing in Europe.

He added that the Chinese Government regards solar as the most important of all renewable energies, and that it must be sustainably developed. Solar is of "strategic importance" to the country, he said, and will be integral in helping to change China’s energy landscape.

Furthermore, Jiaqiang stated that China has a competitive advantage when it comes to technology and that the country has made headway in lowering production costs, which he says are currently 15 percent lower in the country in comparison to the international average. At the same time, he said that local value creation is high.

The Chinese Government is currently working on its 12th five year program, which is reportedly focused on the long-term challenges China faces. Jiaqiang said that the Government intends to spend RMB 10 billion in promoting PV power over the next three years.