Germany: More FIT proposals on the table


On Friday, it was announced, under the Federal Ministry of the Environment’s latest plans, that only a yearly electricity yield of between 800 and 900 kilowatt (kW) hours per kW peak would qualify for a tariff.

Yet another proposal on solar subsidies in Germany has suggested that just 80 percent of fed-in solar electricity should qualify for a FIT.

If implemented, both proposals, which come directly from the Ministry of the Environment, would be to the detriment of high quality, yet more expensive German solar modules. Indeed, under such schemes, it would hardly be worth their installation.

In retaliation to the cap on photovoltaic modules, three states in Germany have reportedly said they would block the law "as a measure of last resort". According to Bloomberg, which cited the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Saxony, Saxony- Anhalt and Thuringia are opposed to the plans. It adds that they are in favor of Röttgen’s proposal to implement a moderate tariff reduction, as opposed to Rösler’s rapid cuts.

Translated and edited by Becky Stuart.