New in-roof system may offer mounting solution for renovated buildings


Dutch construction company BAM Woningbouw has unveiled a solar roof in the Netherlands featuring an integrated mounting solution from Cologne-based Renusol.

BAM Woningbouw, a subsidiary of the Royal BAM Group, manufactured the roof with the integrated solar installation at its factory and then delivered the fully prefabricated solar roof to the site, where it was installed in one piece, according to Linda van Leeuwen, the company’s production manager.

Renusol’s in-roof InterSole mounting system allows a wide variety of modules to be built into the roof.

In addition to planning and constructing new homes, BAM Woningbouw specializes in renovating old buildings. "Roof-integrated solar installations particularly lend themselves to renovation projects. Instead of cloaking the roof in tiles, a solar array is built into the roof. It is visually appealing, saves the homeowner money on roofing materials and generates clean power," van Leeuwen added.

Renusol Managing Director Stefan Liedtke said the company was seeing unprecedented demand for the in-roof mounting solution – known as the InterSole system — particularly from the Netherlands and Britain.

The InterSole system is mounted directly onto the roof’s thermal insulation layer, and consists of durable HDPE sheets that are secured to the roof battens like roofing tiles. These plastic sheets overlap like tiles, thus ensuring no water ingress. The solar modules are then mounted onto the sheets.

The company says nearly all commercially available framed and frameless photovoltaic modules can be integrated into the roof using adjustable module clamps.

The prefabricated solar roof was installed on a house in Heerhugowaard, in the province of North Holland, in December.