NEXTracker agrees 105 MW supply deal with groSolar


NEXTracker, a Fremont, California-based manufacturer of advanced single axis PV trackers, has agreed a three-year, 105 MW supply deal with solar EPC groSolar.

The agreement will see NEXTracker deliver its technology for deployment across a range of groSolar distributed generation (DG) projects, commencing with a 2.4 MW system in the U.S.’s Midwest.

groSolar states that the demands of its layout-constrained DG projects – especially those located across America’s Northeast and Midwest – require flexible design solutions that NEXTracker’s single axis tracker technology are able to meet.

"NEXTracker’s technology is one of the most welcome advancements to emerge in ground-mount solar," said groSolar CEO James Resor. "It will enable us to help our customers lower costs and increase energy production."

The single axis trackers developed by NEXTracker have unimpeded, unlinked rows that enable more design flexibility when laying out a PV site – something that groSolar’s DG projects are likely to demand.

"groSolar is an exemplary solar power system provider that delivers tremendous expertise in designing, engineering and constructing systems that enable their customers to lower their operating costs with clean, reliable solar power," added Dan Shugar, NEXTracker’s CEO. "DG is a fast-growing segment of the solar market and NEXTracker is thrilled to be expanding our presence in this area."