IUSASol taps IdeemaTec trackers for 21 MW project in Mexico


IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH will supply its SafeTrack Horizon solar tracker technology for the expansion of IUSASol’s 21 MW PV farms in Mexico.

Located in Pasteje, outside of Jocotitlán, in the state of Mexico, the recently completed installations include three plants, a 15 MW, 4 MW and a 1 MW in Pasteje in addition to a 1 MW array in nearby Hureje.

IdeemaTec is providing design and engineering as well as training and commissioning services for the projects, with safeTrack manufacturing taking place in both Mexico and Europe. Mexico City-based IUSASol, part of the IUSA Group, utilized a 60-cell configuration of its 250 W panels in the projects. IUSASol has invested over $200 million in a domestic solar panel manufacturing facility that has 500 MW of annual capacity.

“Our SafeTrack Horizon technology was selected for its advantages of proven statistical stability, single line design for non-rectangular fields and damper-less design with ropes for zero twisting distortion common with some manufacturer’s designs,” said Axel Hartung, IdeemaTec’s manager of sales and marketing. “The single line tracker design with no connections between rows located on non-rectangular and hilly fields are a perfect solution for such terrain, common in Mexico. At the same time we have eliminated the use of endurance- and statically–critical dampers.”

In addition to Mexico, IdeemaTec has installed safeTrack Horizon solar tracking systems in South Africa, Cyprus, Namibia, Chile, Germany and Rwanda, and negotiations are being concluded in two additional countries. Apart from these horizontal tracker installations the company’s single axis tracking systems have been installed in a host of countries around the world, including Greece, India, Italy Lithuania, South Africa, Spain and the United States.

IdeemaTec has a global installed base of over 30,000 vertical and horizontal trackers with a combined base of over 500 MW in addition to many megawatts of safeFix ground mount systems.