JA Solar wins contract for 86 MW solar plant in South Africa


JA Solar, a Chinese Tier-1 producer of solar panels, will be the sole supplier for an 86 MW solar PV plant being developed under the 4.5th round of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP).

The Orange Solar Project is a utility-scale solar farm being planned by Cape Town-based Solar Capital and funded by Black Enterprise Empowerment. Construction is scheduled for 2017, with completion penciled in for the same year.

According to JA Solar, the company will begin shipping its high efficiency P310W multicrystalline silicon modules to South Africa next year – with JA Solar president Jian Xie stating that these particular modules "greatly reduce the per-watt cost of electricity", making them adept at affordably plugging the energy gaps to which South Africa’s power sector is prone.

The Orange Solar Project was awarded under the 4.5th round of the REIPPPP, and for Solar Capital is the second large-scale project it has won under the scheme, having first been selected to develop a 90 MW solar plant in the first round of the REIPPPP.