Whole Foods to install rooftop solar at up to 100 stores


NRG Energy announced today that it is planning to install rooftop solar PV systems at up to 84 Whole Foods stores and distribution centers across nine U.S. states. When the final negotiations and analysis are completed, the plants may reach up to 13.8 MW combined installed capacity.

Simultaneously, SolarCity announced a deal to install rooftop PV at an undisclosed number of Whole Foods stores in locations including Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Installation is expected to begin in spring.

All told, Whole Foods will install solar PV at up to 100 of its stores.

"Installing solar at Whole Foods Market locations across the country will increase the percentage of renewable energy that is generated in communities where we work," Whole Foods Global Leader in Sustainability Kathy Loftus said in a press release.

Once completed, the Whole Food solar project may become one of the largest commercial rooftop solar installations in the country. To date, the largest corporate user of solar in the United States is WalMart, with142 MW of solar PV installed at its facilities at the end of 2015.

Correction: This article was corrected at 2:20 PM EST (U.S.) on March 9. The original article erroneously stated that Whole Foods would install solar at up to 184 stores with SolarCity providing up to 100 of those installations. Instead, Whole Foods plans to install solar at up to 100 stores, and SolarCity has not stated the number of stores it will put solar on. Our apologies for this error.