Sunpreme installs the world's largest bifacial PV plant


Bifacial modules always manage to pique interest, as their higher energy yield presents a desirable product for the solar industry. This week, U.S. company Sunpreme installed the largest bifacial PV module plant in the world, giving the technology a fresh landmark.

The 12.8 MW project is located in Eastern U.S. and is part of a PV cluster that will go up to 15 MW. The company has used it bifacial double-glass panels on the project, which are frameless and so don’t require grounding.

“We at Sunpreme are gratified to be part of this large volume, utility scale project utilizing our powerful bifacial panels in a cost-sunsitive, space constrained, ground mount setting,” commented Sunpreme Chairman and CEO Ashok Sinha. “Building upon a strong foundation of designed-in Quality, we leverage our propriety Hybrid Cell Technology for performance, and an innovative lean manufacturing process for cost.”

Bifacial modules have the obvious benefit of increasing the energy yield, as both sides are able to harvest sunlight. So far, they are somewhat of a niche product in the solar industry, as they are generally more expensive to produce.

“These differentiators have resulted in three outstanding cost benefits customer care about: (a) a higher string level AC/DC peak power ratio (b) an increased low-light sensitivity with a greater yield (kWh per kWp) and (c) a correspondingly lower levelized cost of energy,” continued Sinha.

Sunpreme is a solar manufacturer that pushes the boundaries with its modules, striving to develop new technology. It is hoping that bifacials develop further into the mainstream solar market, and just last month, the company approved a new Enertis Solar module testing laboratory to test its bifacial modules.