Vanadium redox flow battery prototype from Spain


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A team of researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has developed a vanadium redox flow battery prototype to demonstrate its viability as a large scale stationary storage system for renewable energy sources.

According to the scientists, the 10kW/20kWh prototype could be used for either utility scale stationary applications or in residential and commercial projects.

“It is the first milestone on the way to obtaining a 50kW battery,” they stated, noting that the device is made up of four cell stacks similar to those that will comprise the 50kW battery.

The ultimate goal of the research project is to validate the 50kW prototype by connecting it to a renewable energy plant. An intelligent microgrid made up of a 10kW flow battery, a PV system, and various loads and programmable sources that allow different consumption, will be simulated.

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The battery also incorporates a battery energy management system based on operation protocols compatible with industrial standards, with which the status of the battery can be analyzed at all times.

The researchers are also working on the implementation of techniques for the prediction of the state of charge to allow the efficient management of energy flows and the extension of the useful life of the device. “This pilot installation will allow the study of a business case according to the needs of the market, with a modular power architecture that allows the use of the battery in isolated mode or connected to the network, either in alternating or direct current,” said researcher Félix Barreras.

“We believe that this technology can help Spanish companies achieve a relevant position in the European environment in the face of the challenge of maintaining the security of supply in a decarbonized electricity system based on renewable energy,” said research co-author Clara Blanco.

The research project is being financed by the Next Generation EU fund, through Spain's Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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