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The mobility rEVolution: Charging on the go via peer-to-peer system to reduce range anxiety

In other news, Stellantis demonstrates wireless charging tech that transfers energy from road infrastructure to EVs, Toyota defies shareholder pressure to step up electrification efforts, and Volkswagen threatens to dethrone Tesla on EV sales by 2024.


The mobility rEVolution: Microgrid for EV charging, hydrogen fueling, backup power

The EU Parliament has voted to end combustion vehicle sales in 2035, Siemens has announced plans to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles, and Lightyear has launched the final design of its long-range, production-ready solar car.


The mobility rEVolution: Nissan, Mitsubishi launch mini EVs for Japan

In other news, Tesla expands Supercharger access for other EV brands in Europe, Hong Kong gets its first universal ultra-rapid charging station, and BMW invests in Canadian company Mangrove to back sustainable lithium metal production.


The mobility rEVolution: New lithium-ion battery material for faster charging times

In other news, Volkswagen’s electric vehicles are sold out in Europe and the US. for 2022, Porsche invests in silicon anode specialist, and Tesla is reportedly looking to expand its Berlin Gigafactory.


The mobility rEVolution: Portable EV charging stations for personal and shared use

In other news, BYD’s quarterly profit is up by 241% buoyed by demand for battery-powered cars, Ford takes a US$3.1 billion loss on its Rivian stake and cuts 580 jobs as part of corporate restructuring, and ABB agrees to provide its full portfolio of EV charging technology to Shell.

The mobility rEVolution: Hybrid lithium-ion battery capable of recharging within a minute

In other news, Volvo has invested in fast-charging battery tech firm StoreDot, Tesla has reported record profits in Q1, and Dutch start-up behind the world’s first commercial grid-independent solar car Lightyear has entered a carsharing partnership.


The mobility rEVolution: Honda ups the ante on EVs, solid state batteries

In other news, further Covid-19 lockdowns in China continue to negatively impact the EV battery supply chain and broader industry, Porsche is testing V2G capabilities, and Israeli startup Electreon announces extension of its wireless dynamic EV charging project in Sweden.


The mobility rEVolution: Nissan moves forward with in-house all-solid-state battery production

In other news, GM and Honda are jointly developing affordable EVs, the Biden administration holds an EV industry meeting, and Mercedes-Benz Energy agrees to supply EV batteries to BatteryLoop for its scalable, circular energy storage products.


The mobility rEVolution: Second-life battery applications with ‘pick-n-mix’ cells connected in series

In other news, the UK charging infrastructure is in for a major boost, Volkswagen aims to catch up with Tesla, and the first all-electric Rolls-Royce completes winter tests near the Arctic Circle.


The mobility rEVolution: Quantum physics-based tech to cut EV charging time to nine seconds

In other news, StoreDot’s extreme fast charging EV technology gets one step closer to commercial viability and Volkswagen resumes European production. Moreover, Japanese carmakers are gearing up to claim their share of the European EV market.


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