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Electric Vehicles

The mobility rEVolution: Charging on the go via peer-to-peer system to reduce range anxiety

In other news, Stellantis demonstrates wireless charging tech that transfers energy from road infrastructure to EVs, Toyota defies shareholder pressure to step up electrification efforts, and Volkswagen threatens to dethrone Tesla on EV sales by 2024.


Battery metals: How quickly can supply ramp up?

A couple of weeks ago, Goldman Sachs sent shockwaves through battery metals markets, issuing a prediction that cobalt and lithium in particular were due for a sharp price decline in the next two years. But London-based Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is loudly pushing back, outlining its reasons why it believes the call on lithium was wrong. Meanwhile, US analyst Wood Mackenzie says that the battery raw material chain will remain tight, but notes that recycling could help to ease the supply deficit.


Vehicle integrated solar to power refrigerated trailers

German VIPV specialist Sono Motors has signed an agreement with French refrigerated vehicle supplier Chereau to develop refrigerated vehicles powered by an integrated solar array. The two companies will build and test a prototype vehicle, and begin to evaluate mass production. Sono estimates that the concept could save around 3,400 liters of fuel and avoid 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions per vehicle, per year.


EV battery can reach 98% charge in less than 10 minutes

Enovix has shown that its US-made silicon anode lithium-ion batteries can charge from 0% to 80% in just five minutes.


The mobility rEVolution: Microgrid for EV charging, hydrogen fueling, backup power

The EU Parliament has voted to end combustion vehicle sales in 2035, Siemens has announced plans to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles, and Lightyear has launched the final design of its long-range, production-ready solar car.


UK council plans MW-sized solar canopy linked to storage, EV recharging

The project, planned at a council-owned commercial development, is expected to be connected to 2 MW of storage.


EU energy fund to commit $514 million for solar projects at Romanian mining waste sites

Panels will be installed at waste sites in five mining towns as part of the latest, €2.4 billion ($2.57 million) round of investment from a fund set up to help coal-dependent European member states with the energy transition.

Green investors eyeing up Australia following election results

The remarkable results of what is already being called a ‘historic’ 2022 federal election have put Australia “back on the map” in the eyes of big low-carbon investors.


Test production starts at SolarEdge’s 2 GWh Korean battery cell fab

The inverter and battery manufacturer says its new Sella 2 factory will produce cells for its residential solar-plus-battery products as well as for other applications.

Italian solar survey indicates rise of energy storage

Just one professional among 100 interviewed for an annual EUPD Research survey said they had no plans to offer storage products. Almost half the respondents to the German market data company said they offer e-mobility-related technology.

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