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India well on track for 100 GW target, claims minister

The Minister for New and Renewable Energy has waved aside complaints about safeguarding duties by telling India’s upper house the nation’s ambitious four-year solar target is ‘comfortably’ within reach.


Solar projects under net metering keep growing in Ukraine

Cumulative PV capacity installed under the scheme reached 90 MW at the end of June. Of this capacity, around 27 MW were deployed in the second quarter alone.

Solar distributed generation sees strong growth in Brazil

According to a new report published by consultancy Greener, the price of DG systems keeps falling in Brazil and total installed capacity has surpassed 308 MW. In the first half of the year, newly installed capacity was around 126 MW – more than the country installed in all of last year.

SolarEdge reports record revenues in second-quarter results

The company has experienced continued growth and after the acquisition of a UPS supplier – as well the potential for Chinese power electronics manufacturers to suffer under proposed new inverter tariffs – SolarEdge feels confident of continued growth.

Even with duties, Chinese PV modules will be competitive in India

Despite safeguard tariffs against certain imports of solar PV products into India, Chinese manufactured modules will remain competitive, says TrendForce. It further anticipates PV demand falling 30% in fiscal year 2018 in India, while cost pressures will mount for EPCs and project developers.

EDP adopts blockchain to measure consumption of prosumers in Brazil

The blockchain technology, which was developed by Austrian company, Riddle&Code, is intended to help the Portuguese power provider measure the electricity consumption of each user who owns and operates a solar array installed under net metering.

India solar water pump scheme could add 150 GW, report says

Greenpeace India, Germi, and the IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program have released a report stating that the Indian government’s latest ambitions to deploy solar water pumps could meet the country’s solar PV target of 100 GW, if done comprehensively. So far the plan goes as far as 28 GW, and still needs legislative approval.

Ireland launches long-expected scheme for PV microgeneration

The program will be be grant aided, and will provide funds mainly for self-consumption projects. At a later stage, the scheme may also offer incentives for home battery storage.

Chinese shadow over latest IEA world energy report

The International Energy Agency’s latest study of global energy investment paints another rosy picture for solar – even as the authors warn of missed sustainable growth targets – but the report covers last year, and notes China’s policy about-turn could blow a cold wind through PV.


Quality issues in Indian PV projects jeopardizing investments – report

Wildlife vandalism is the least of the worries afflicting PV system owners in India, according to a report which exposes cost-cutting in installation, non-existent warranties, serious safety concerns and improbable performance figures.

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