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Utility Scale PV

Eight tracker manufacturers make products compatible with 210mm solar modules

Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar has listed eight solar tracking system manufacturers that have made their products compatible with solar panels based on 210mm silicon wafers. Two weeks earlier, the company had unveiled all inverter makers that already provide compatible devices.

India could install 9.7 GW of new utility-scale solar in 2021

JMK Research expects strong growth in the large-scale solar business in India this year, due to strong growth in module and inverter shipments in the fourth quarter of 2020. Around 5.7 GW of new solar plants should be grid-connected in the first half of the year.

Hybrid solar to revitalize former mining town in northern Australia

In the middle of Australia’s most iconic natural landscape, the township of Jabiru has begun its transition from a uranium-mine support community, to an Indigenous cultural hub and tourism center. The local arm of German renewable energy pioneer, juwi, brings its deep experience in off-grid power systems to the project.

France allocates 451.9 MW in ninth tender for large scale PV

In the category for PV projects exceeding 5 MW, the final average price was €0.05338/kWh. The tender’s overall final average price, including smaller PV project categories, was 4.7% higher than in the previous procurement exercise.

Improving algorithms to help solar project developers avoid the NIMBY effect

A research group in the United States is proposing to add social variables in GIS-MCDA algorithms for PV project planning as a solution to avoid opposition to large scale solar from local communities. Although some efforts have already been made in this direction, there is still much to be done to understand the degree to which measuring these variables proactively could help mitigate public opposition down the line, on individual projects.

Japan’s largest floating PV plant reconstructed after Typhoon impact

French floating PV specialist Ciel&Terre said the plant was split into smaller islands, with a square shape, to avoid stress concentration.


The US added 16.5 GW of PV in 2020

Solar and wind power installations hit all-time highs and became a larger part of the country’s energy mix in 2020, according to a new report from BloombergNEF.


The weekend read: Solar’s flexibility can be agriculture’s gain

Both solar and the farming industry are beginning to see potential in the combined use of land for food production and energy generation. And as innovators begin to experiment with different forms, it’s becoming clear that in most cases it is solar that will have to bend to the needs of agriculture, and not the other way around, to ensure a positive outcome.


France launches 700 MW tender for large-scale PV

Solar project developers in France will have until June 25, 2021, to submit their bids. Under new rules, the selected PV projects must use modules manufactured with a low carbon footprint.


Croatia announces 400 MW renewables auction

The procurement exercise will be the country’s second attempt to support large-scale solar and wind. The first 88 MW auction launched last year saw the allocation of just 25.5 MW. Solar secured 13.4 MW at an average price of $0.093/kWh. Selected PV projects range in size from 50 to 500 kW.


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