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Belgian grid operator releases tool to help residential PV system owners detect inverter failures

The so-called “network checker” will allow residential PV customers in Belgium to check if there have been any inverter failures in their local area. It comes after Belgian grid operator Fluvius launched a compensation scheme for those who are not reconnected within 30 working days of a curtailment.

Statcon Energiaa introduces 3 kW solar inverter

Indian manufacturer Statcon Energiaa has introduced a single-phase grid-tie solar inverter intended for application in residential and small commercial buildings.


Sinovoltaics releases inverter manufacturer financial stability ranking

Sinovoltaics analyzed publicly traded inverter producers using a balance sheet-based model and publicly available financial information to track finacial strength over the past three years. The top-five in the latest ranking are Hoymiles Power Electronics, Enphase, Kstar, Eaton, and Goodwe.


Sungrow posts $1.3 billion profit for 2023

Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow shipped 130 GW of inverters last year, reaching a profit of $1.3 billion.


Using commercially available inverters for daylight photoluminescence imaging

An Australian research group has used an SMA inverter to switch the operating point of a PV array and has demonstrated its ability to create photoluminescence images for both rooftop and large scale solar installations.

Kaco launches new inverters for complex roof architectures

The new products are intended for applications in commercial and industrial PV projects. The devices feature an efficiency rating of up to 98.1% and a European efficiency of up to 97.8%.

Enphase Energy, Octopus Energy announce UK partnership 

Enphase Energy says that Octopus Energy’s retail customers will be able to integrate solar and battery systems into their energy plans in the UK market, with the introduction of Enphase IQ8 microinverters and the IQ battery 5P platform.


What could happen to solar inverters in case of high-altitude nuclear weapon testing

Researchers in the United States have investigated the sensitivity of PV inverters to the ectromagnetic pulses caused by high-altitude nuclear explosions during nuclear weapon testing. Their work presents several protection strategies aimed to improve the inverters’ immunity levels.

Key takeaways from SolarEX, Istanbul

Import duties and domestic incentives continue to shape the Turkish solar market. Despite protectionism, there was a significant Chinese presence at the SolarEX trade fair as new manufacturers rely on Asian resources.


Belgian grid operator pays for residential PV curtailment

Fluvius, Belgium’s electricity grid operator, says it will compensate residential PV systems at €10.60 ($11.49) per kVa if they are not reconnected within 30 working days after a curtailment event.


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