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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Maxeon initiates unitary patent infringement lawsuit against Aiko, partners

Alongside the new lawsuit, which has been filed in Germany, Maxeon has announced it is appealing a preliminary injunction decision recently made by a court in the Netherlands over an ongoing patent dispute with Aiko.

Sunmaxx PVT, Oxford PV present perovskite-silicon tandem solar thermal module with 80% overall efficiency

The new photovoltaic-thermal module, presented for the first time on the first day of Intersolar 2024, has a record electrical efficiency of 26.6% and thermal efficiency of 53.4%. The electrical output of the module with 6cm x 10cm M6 cells is 433 W.

Aiko presents ABC solar module with world record efficiency of 25.2% at Intersolar

The Chinese back contact module maker said its new products rely on the company’s all-back-contact (ABC) cell technology and feature a temperature coefficient of -0.26% per C.

DMEGC releases 440-460 W bifacial solar modules based on rectangular wafers at Intersolar

DMEGC Solar says its new solar panels combine a double-glass design with half-cut n-type cell technology. It says the efficiency ratings range from 22.0% to 23.0%.

Chinese researchers develop 28-µm silicon solar cell with 20% efficiency, 0% breakage rate

A research team in China has developed a novel thin-silicon wafer reinforced ring (TSRR) to protect ultra-thin wafers and solar cells during production. This technique consists of applying the ring at the edge of thin wafers and is compatible with all silicon solar module technology.

Swedish startup unveils tape-based stringer for back contact solar modules

Sticky Solar Power is taking orders for industrial-scale versions of its novel room-temperature cell interconnection system, which is reportedly well-suited for back-contact (xBC), perovskite, and heterojunction cell technologies.

U.S. startup claims doubled energy per acre with terrain-following solar array

California startup Planted Solar uses construction robots and high-density arrays to deliver what the company says are higher energy outputs and lower balance of system costs.

Canon unveils passivation material to improve perovskite solar cell durability

Canon has announced a new functional material for perovskite thin film passivation that potentially improves durability of perovskite solar cells while enabling a mass-production process. The Japanese company aims to start commercial production of the material in 2025.

Monitoring PV plants with 3D remote sensing data

Scientists in Spain have developed thermal image mapping on dense and high-resolution point clouds representing status and geometry of PV modules and automatic identification of individual solar panels in 3D space. The proposed methodology was found to provide “exceptionally high” accuracy.

Longi launches ultra-black HPBC solar modules for residential applications

The Chinese manufacturer said its new Hi-MO X6 Artist series has an efficiency of up to 22.3% and a power output ranging from 420 W to 430 W. The smaller version is currently priced at CNY 298 ($41.7)/m2 and the largest model is sold at CNY 268/m2.

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