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Solar developers buying up land in Bangladesh

A shortage of suitable sites is prompting companies to buy up land before deciding on the specifics of project construction, as a junior minister stated more solar is likely to be waved through by 2025.

Analyst predicts extent of rise in this year’s solar capital costs

Wood Mackenzie this week made a slew of predictions for the industry in 2022 and noted the effects the US’ recently announced anti-circumvention investigation is already having on utility scale plans.

Risen launches 450 W rooftop solar module with 21.7% efficiency

The panel measures 1,894 mm x 1,096 mm x 30 mm, weighs in at 22.5 kg, and has a temperature coefficient of -0.34% per C.

Cutting out cadmium for a 16.7%-efficient flexible thin-film solar cell

Scientists in Japan have developed new processes for CIGS solar cell manufacturing, entirely eliminating the use of cadmium and replacing a waste-intensive wet chemical stage. With a thin film deposited on a flexible steel substrate, the group achieved 16.7% efficiency, which it says is a record for a cell of this type produced using scalable fabrication processes.

Test production starts at SolarEdge’s 2 GWh Korean battery cell fab

The inverter and battery manufacturer says its new Sella 2 factory will produce cells for its residential solar-plus-battery products as well as for other applications.

Tuning out the defects for more powerful perovskite solar cells

Scientists in the UK and Japan used the latest imaging techniques to observe the inner workings of a perovskite solar cell at the scale of a few nanometers. Their findings suggest that a single defect is responsible for both limiting initial performance and causing degradation of the cell. By altering chemical compositions and process parameters, the appearance of this defect can be quickly reduced, and the group is confident that its finding could quickly be applied in large-scale processing as well.

India added 3 GW of solar in first quarter

India’s cumulative installed solar capacity stood at 52 GW at the end of March.

Chinese province seeks proposals for 11.5 GW of offshore PV

The authorities in China’s Shandong province have identified 10 offshore sites close to the coastline where 11.5 GW of solar projects could be constructed. Binzhou, Dongying, Weifang, Yantai, Weihai, and Qingdao are some of the preferred areas.

Canadian Solar plans to ramp up production capacity

Having warned of in-house solar wafer and cell capacity as recently as the third quarter of 2021, the company has announced it will be adding even more production lines this year.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: Geely opens polysilicon plant

Automaker Geely has commissioned a new polysilicon factory in northern China, while ET Solar has opened a new 5 GW wafer factory in Vietnam. Poly giant GCL Technology, meanwhile, has confirmed that its board might issue common stock for a Chinese listing.


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