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The Hydrogen Stream: Norway, Finland take the lead in Europe

Plug Power has revealed plans to develop three green hydrogen production plants in Finland, while Statkraft is set to increase its investments in the German hydrogen market.


Weekend Read: Pushing perovskite PV limits

The perovskite solar race is heating up, with a cue of manufacturers forming to test products at the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) PV commercialization facilities, and academics on both sides of The Pond announcing new advances in recent months.


EVLO unveils lithium iron phosphate battery for utility-scale applications

EVLO Energy Storage’s latest battery energy storage system (BESS) product, EVLOFLEX, is a fully integrated solution with configurable energy for 1.65 MWh, 2 MWh, or 2.5 MWh.


The Hydrogen Stream: CIP plans 7 GW of electrolysis hub in Australia

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has announced plans to develop an AUD 30 billion ($19,95 billion) green hydrogen production hub on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, while a new research study shows the feasibility of gas-to-hydrogen pipeline conversion in Western Australia.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen, electricity trade-offs for energy islands

A Scandinavian research team has investigated the best set-up for energy islands, to determine whether they are better achieved with submarine cables or hydrogen infrastructure.


Canadian Solar to significantly increase supply chain capacity

CSI Solar, a Canadian Solar subsidiary, is increasing its manufacturing capacity in 2024 by adding significantly more ingots, wafers, cells and modules, in order to meet strong market demand and accelerate growth.


Canada launches cold climate heat pump rebate scheme

The government of Canada announced it is now accepting applications for its Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program. Eligible low-to-middle-income Canadian households currently heating their homes with oil can apply for an upfront payment of up to CAD 10,000 ($7,413) toward purchasing and installing a new, electric, air-source cold climate heat pump.


Weekend read: High time for solar

Cannabis prohibition drove a culture of clandestine production in the past and solar helped growers to cultivate it at remote, off-grid sites. Now, as a global commercial cannabis market emerges, solar has an even bigger role to play.


Triple junction perovskite solar cell hits 24.3% efficiency

An international research group created a triple-junction perovskite solar cell with an efficiency of 24.3% and a quasi-steady-state efficiency of 23.3%. The prototype cell, which has been independently certified by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), features rubidium/cesium mixed-cation inorganic perovskites with a bandgap of around 2.0 eV to suppress light-induced phase segregation.


Canada formalizes 30% federal ITC credit, other incentives

Canada’s new policy plan mirrors the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), including two new input tax credits (ITCs) targeting clean energy and technology manufacturing that will remain at 30% through 2033, stepping down to 15% in 2034 before phasing out altogether after 2034.