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TC Energy advances 1 GW pumped hydro energy storage project in Canada

The pumped hydro project aims in part to reduce the amount of electricity that is exported from Ontario to several U.S. states at a loss.


Europe had just 650 MW of solar cell manufacturing capacity at the end of 2020

The latest update to the Photovoltaics Report produced by research organization the Fraunhofer ISE has offered up the usual slew of interesting stats on the state of solar across the continent.


Nova Scotia preps 350 MW renewables procurement

The province wants sufficient clean power generation facilities to meet 10% of its electric demand after announcing it wants 80% of its electricity from renewables by 2030.

Spanish asset manager will run ‘Canada’s largest solar farm’

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has chosen Exus to manage the 700 MW Travers Solar Project.


Electrification could drive 51 GW of solar in Canada by 2050

And that figure is based on a less ambitious climate change policy than the one Ottawa has committed to since the North American Renewable Integration Study started, in 2018.


Jinko and Canadian Solar prepare for Shanghai floats

The two big solar players are preparing to list big slices of their business on the STAR market tech board.

‘Low-cost renewable hydrogen may already be in reach’

If the three record-busting low solar price tariffs recorded in the Middle East in the past 18 months are to be believed, renewables-powered hydrogen in prime sites in the region could already compete with gas-plus-CCS production, according to IRENA. Has the Gulf discovered the new petrol?


Quebec’s first solar plants come online

State-owned utility Hydro-Quebec has deployed its first 10 MW of ground-mounted solar to test the technology at the province’s latitude.

Canada Infrastructure Bank to invest in 250 MW/1,000 MWh storage project

The massive Oneida Energy Storage project in Ontario will store surplus energy during off-peak periods and provide grid-balancing services to reduce renewables curtailment.


Canadian BIPV module supplier unveils two solar tiles

Both products are based on 22%-efficient CIGS solar cells and are manufactured in Asia. One of the two devices has a flat design and power output of 80 W and a second product features a nominal power of 30 W and an undulating design.