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Canada set to hit 5 GW milestone

Canada is set to install 500 MW of new solar in 2022, bringing its total capacity to about 5 GW, according to data from Canmet Energy. The country is expected to hit 35 GW of total solar capacity by 2050.


All-perovskite tandem solar cell with 27.4% efficiency, high voltage

A US-Canadian research group has built an all-perovskite tandem PV device with a record-breaking open-circuit voltage of 2.19 eV, which they achieved by reducing recombination at the electron transport layer.


Canada introduces investment tax credits for renewables

Canada’s new 30% tax credits for clean technology are designed to level the playing field with the United States and spur the adoption of green technologies.

Ontario confirms 1.5 GW-plus tender for battery storage

The Canadian province of Ontario will include a big slice of energy storage capacity as it plans its near-term grid requirements.


The Hydrogen Stream: Biotech startup targets hydrogen production from depleted wells at $1/kg

Cemvita claims it can produce hydrogen at the “lowest possible cost,” Deutsche Bahn and Fortescue Future Industries have announced plans to jointly modify diesel engines for locomotives, and the Canadian province of Alberta has started promoting its hydrogen potential in Japan.


The Hydrogen Stream: Germany launches world’s first operating hydrogen trains

Germany has launched the world’s first operational hydrogen trains and US researchers have presented a novel design for a tubular PEM fuel cell. ABB and Hydrogen Optimized, meanwhile, have expanded their strategic ties and Slovakia has moved forward with a major gas-blending pilot project.


Is the Canada-Germany ‘hydrogen deal’ overly ambitious?

The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance is part of a wider deal that includes batteries and raw materials. Many details remain unclear, but the 2025 target for first deliveries is ambitious, says Paul Martin, the founder of the Hydrogen Science Coalition.


Pension funds set to buy Dutch rooftop solar installer

The European Commission has an eye on the potential acquisition of Groendus by public retirement funds in the Netherlands and Canada.


Renewables and storage developers bid to offer new power in Ontario

The Canadian province needs to commission 5 GW of newly-built electricity generation capacity to cope with demand driven in part by electric vehicles and nuclear energy retirements.


The Hydrogen Stream: Guangdong targets €4.35/kg retail price by 2025

The authorities in China’s Guangdong province have released a 2022-25 plan that foresees the retail price for hydrogen dropping to less than CNY 30/kg ($4.42/kg). Germany and Canada, meanwhile, are set to strengthen their collaboration on hydrogen, and Ford has revealed plans to team up with Southern California Gas for a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck that will be on the road by 2025.