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Central & South America

Novel method to calculate variations in temperature coefficients of solar modules

Brazilian scientists have assessed variations in temperature coefficients in solar modules to determine whether there is a relationship between the dependence of these coefficients and irradiance. They claim their work could be used to improve PV module performance modeling.


Big solar already pulling its weight on emission reduction – especially in Chile

Following a disappointing COP27 climate change summit in November, solar industry veteran Philip Wolfe reviews the contribution utility-scale PV is starting to make to emissions reduction.


Brazil’s first large-scale battery goes online

Grid operator ISA CTEEP has started commercially operating a large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Registro substation in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. The 30 MW/60 MWh BESS is expected to provide backup power to the grid during hours of peak demand in summer.


Colbun switches on battery-linked 230 MW solar plant in Chile

Colbun has completed the Diego de Almagro Sur solar plant in Chile’s Atacama region. It is connected to 8 MW/32 MWh of battery storage.


Atlas Renewable Energy switches on 300 MW solar project in Mexico

The 300 MW La Pimienta solar project is now selling electricity to Mexican utility CFE under a 15-year power purchase agreement. It is Mexico’s second-largest operational PV facility.


Brazil hits 22 GW milestone

Brazil has deployed 7 GW of utility-scale solar and 14.98 GW of distributed-generation PV projects below 5 MW in size to date.

Chile enacts law on energy storage, electromobility

Chile has enacted the Renewable Energy Storage and Electromobility Law, which will compensate standalone storage projects for injecting electricity into the grid and being available at times of peak demand.


Strategically timed, transnational exchange of solar energy

Argentina and Chile are reactivating the Andes Interconnection Line to facilitate the bidirectional exchange of energy. During the day, Argentina will receive 80 MW of solar from Chile, but it will export back 200 MW of natural gas at night.

Brazilian developer working on world’s largest PV project

Brazil’s Omega Energia’s new 4.6 GW solar project is set to become the world’s largest PV installation upon completion. However, the Brazilian state of Ceará has postponed plans to grant it an environmental license until Dec. 1.


How to protect BESS to increase reliability and maximize return on investments

Electrical overcurrent, ground faults, arc-flash, and transient overvoltage are major concerns for battery energy storage system (BESS) operators and owners. To protect the system and extend the life of the equipment, a comprehensive circuit protection strategy is necessary. But selecting and implementing an appropriate one is no easy business. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will be exploring key components of the battery energy storage system, understand different types of architecture, learn how to design in safety with circuit protection, and discover real-world examples utilizing circuit protection to increase reliability, system efficiencies, and ROI.

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