Central & South America

Uruguay’s installed PV capacity tops 88.4 MW

According to new statistics, new PV installations for last year totaled 24 MW. Furthermore, solar was able to cover 2% of power demand in 2016.

China’s BYD to open PV R&D facility in Brazil

The facility at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas to become BYD’s first overseas R&D facility for PV, and will be set up with initial $1.5m in funding. Subsequent financial support will be based as a percentage of firm’s domestic net sales.

ABB microgrid to control solar, wind power on island of Aruba

The microgrid will be supplied to WEB Aruba N.V., a utility that controls a large portion of the island’s power. Technology and software is designed to better integrate high levels of renewable power while also delivering storage backup and load shedding capabilities.

Paraguay to issue renewable energy law by the end of 2017

Although mired in significant delays compared to other Latin American countries, Paraguay is now preparing to issue its first legislation to support solar and wind power.

Brazil’s hydroelectric company Chesf builds another MW-sized PV plant

The installation will be located in the state of Pernambuco and will be also used to test different PV components.

Saint Lucia to get first utility-scale solar plant

The island country in the eastern Caribbean is preparing to host a 3 MW solar PV plant, its first utility-scale renewable energy project.

Nicaragua to introduce net metering scheme for distributed generation

While the grid operator Enatrel conducts a feasibility study for solar distributed generation projects, the president Daniel Ortega urges the Parliament to approve the reform of the energy system which will introduce net metering for PV.

X-Elio plugs in 56.7 MW solar facility in northern Chile

The photovoltaic plant “Uribe Solar” was officially commissioned by the vice-minister of national property Jorge Maldonado and the minister of energy Andrés Rebolledo.

Colombia plans initiative for solar to benefit milk producers

The government of Atlántico Department, on Colombia’s Caribbean Coastline, has announced plans for an initiative to support the region’s dairy producers, by financing PV systems to power milk cooling tanks.

EDF to acquire 80% stake in 115 MW Brazilian solar farm

The French energy utility has snapped up a controlling share of the Pirapora II solar project from Chinese firm Canadian Solar. Plant is due to be commissioned in the first half of 2018.