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Robotic measurement system assesses new materials for solar cells

Researchers in Japan have developed an automated system to perform photoabsorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy, optical microscopy, and white-light flash time-resolved microwave conductivity tests.

Sharp unveils 580 W TOPCon solar panel with 22.45% efficiency

Sharp’s new IEC61215- and IEC61730-certified solar panels have an operating temperature coefficient of -0.30% per C and a bifaciality factor of over 80%.

Japan PPA market now includes solar carports

Sumitomo and Shikoku Electric have agreed to sell solar power to Japanese retailer Aeon Mall under a power purchase agreement (PPA). Around 15 MW of solar carports are now being developed to supply the electricity.


Mitsubishi debuts residential air-to-water heat pumps

Mitsubishi’s monobloc Hydrolution EZY can reportedly produce domestic hot water up to 60 C when outdoor temperatures reach -25 C. It is available in two versions, with outputs of 10 kW and 14 kW.


New passivation strategy paves the way for lead-free perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells

Scientists in Japan have developed a lead-free tin sulfide solar cell that is intended for applications in tandem perovskite-silicon PV devices. Through a new passivation technique based on the use of phenylsilane (PhSiH3) as a reducing agent, they were able to considerably increase the cell efficiency compared to a reference device with no PhSiH3 treatment.


Charging quantum batteries

Researchers in Japan have taken advantage of an unintuitive quantum process that disregards the conventional notion of causality to improve the performance of so-called “quantum batteries.” They believe these advances could help to bring the technology a little closer to reality.

The Hydrogen Stream: GM, Autocar aim for hydrogen vehicle production by 2026

GM and Autocar Industries have agreed to jointly develop hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles using GM’s Hydrotec power cubes, while European lawmakers have reached a provisional agreement on common market rules for renewable gases and hydrogen.

Toshiba develops PV photocoupler for automotive applications

Japan’s Toshiba says its new PV output photocoupler for solid-state relay could be used for battery management systems, onboard chargers, and inverters.

Japanese scientists develop high energy density, cobalt-free lithium-ion battery

The new cobalt-free battery yields about 60% greater energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries for an equivalent weight and volume and sustains unprecedented 1,000 cycles.


The Hydrogen Stream: Masdar signs hydrogen deals at COP28

At COP28, Masdar revealed a $16 billion investment deal with Iberdrola for green energy projects in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Masdar also signed a memorandum to assess the feasibility of a green hydrogen plant near the Port of Aqaba in Jordan.


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